Sponsors & Vendors

We are working out the details on the different levels of sponsorship & should have it done soon.We are looking for a HEADLINE sponsor this year.As you all can image to put a show together like this it is not cheap.... we hope our vendor,sponsor,bike build and merchandise revenue will cover the costs & keep Born Free ((FREE))We believe this years show will be the greatest yet and we are doing everything possible to insure that. If you have interest in being the "Headline Sponsor",a sponsor or vendor please let us know.We want to have the internet Flyer done in October so the headliner needs to be secured by then....we have more time for everyone else.We will promote Born Free & our partners through magazines,internet,swapmeets & events,shirts,posters and everything else possible..and we we do it all year.The event is more than just a local show,people from all over the country & world will attend and we want you here!! Contact myself@ jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com or Grant @ grant.peterson@sorc.com

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