Tank Maker

Pete is making these tanks and starting up a business.If this is what you need here is his email>> wmetalw@gmail.com

The Search

I am in need of a small Bates P Pad....I will buy or trade something.Email me @ mikedavis70@hotmail.com


Straight Leg Frame

I am selling the original HD Panhead straight leg frame.It's been chopped but very cool.I also still have the shaved extended early wide glide front end. Email me to own@ mikedavis70@hotmail.com

Bigfoot Chopper Shirts

I just got in a very small run of these Big Foot Chopper baseball sleeve shirts.I have them in Small to Extra Large & they are available in the Born Loser store now.Click here to buy http://bornloser.bigcartel.com/

2 Choppers for Sale

Craze has 2 bikes up for sale and here is the story :First is my '56 FL. Numbers-matching motor with old 70's Paughco frame and narrow-ass springer. Spool up front, mech drum out back. Foot clutch, hand shift. Open 1.5" belt. Great paint and ready to go! Current registration with Cali title in hand. Second is the Puta de Oro bike from EDR / Flyrite fame. I dressed her up in new clothes and she is an absolute ripper. Full Auto mag, 93" S&S genny shovel. 3" open belt. DUAL disc rear brakes. Current registration with Cali title in hand. Thanks! Craze...Contact him @ craze@eternalcombustion.com

Joe's Part Clearance

Joe has some sweet shit for sale:: Ness springer w/ dual headlamps & rabbit ears:: 21 skinny spool wheel w/2.75 tire , ribbed Wassell fender and olde peanut tank.Contact Joe directly@ hbfsu69@aol.com to get the info.

Chopper For Sale

Here is the deal::Hey Mike I've got some more stuff for sale. This complete bike everything except motor transmission and primaries, stretched panhead frame not raked, early extended springer everything as pictured Contact me@ dc-choppers@hotmail.com
thanks again Bacon

52 Panhead For Sale

Mike has got his 1952 HD Panhead for sale$$. The bike is in the Santa Barbara area.Contact him directly@ mcaliffe@sbcglobal.net

The Recipe

Strip it down..chrome everything.

Born Free Bound

Nick is headed to So.cAL..nice job see u June 25th.

Narrow Top Tree Wanted

I am in need of a 41 mm narrow 70's AAE style top tree. 6 1/2 on center and not the raked style. If you can help please email me@ mikedavis70@hotmail.com

Tank n Fender For Sale

If you are looking for the ultimate 90's chopper statement this might be it.This tank and fender pretty much covers it all.To own this set contact jimmyfay1@gmail.com directly for the details.


Jaren is selling this juice brake set up.Contact him directly@ jarenflikke@hotmail.com

Nos Tires

These are NOS (no dry rot, nice soft rubber) 130/90-16 RWL Yokohama tires. Contact Dennis @ txdennis@gmail.com

Baas Built

Kevin is finishing up this (( Cone )) Shovel for a customer and rumor has it..it may be ridden to Born Free.


Anyone got a full mount for Sale


Really starting to like 'em. Warren's pal Jeremiah did up this version and I am digg'n it.

Narrow Springer From Front Street

Craig has got this cool narrow Ness springer for sale. Check his blog for more details. He also has some really neat handlebars and parts. http://frontstcycle.blogspot.com/2011/04/fs-nesscentury-narrow-springer.html

Born Free Chance

Time is running out..we have about 2 months left until the show and only 2 more events to sell the BF3 Knucklehead posters w/ free tickets at. We have more Long Beach Swapmeet @ the end of May and the Vintage Bike night @Yoshi's ( Garage Co) May 7th.Now that the bike is completely done and ready it will be on display at the Garage Company for a few weeks until we need it again.Stop by and check it out..they have some posters & tickets avaliable but are running low.The online sales will be cut off around June 10th to insure delivery & what ever is left will be on a first come first serve basis the day of the show.Get one before they are gone...

Nick's Chrome Panhead For Sale

Nick is selling his Panhead and here are the details::It was basically built from a stock '61 FL - matching cases, propertrans, original swingarm framewith a pan hardtail welded on, stock '61 rear brake, stock '61 dualpoint ignition, '61 primary, oil tank, stock controls chromed, etc. The chopperparts on it are all mid 70s aftermarket - bars, steel trees, spool,seat, Branch/Mikuni carb conversion. I replaced all the soft parts,brakes, some gaskets, and changed up the seat, otherwise it's as built35 years ago. Featured in Dice issue #26. It's a goodrunner and has been ridden from Phx out to Las Vegas, CA and, Mexico. Nobreakdowns to speak of. It sat in a garage from '82 to '08 with achipped gear in the ratchet top which locked it in 4th gear.Contact Nick directly for more info@ ngoerdt@gmail.com

Parts Group

Superior 1 3/4 long bell mufflers ( minor mount repair needed) : Polished Borrani wm1 19 high shoulder 40 hole rim : 1 pair of old glass lensed spot lights.Email me to buy any of these treasures@ mikedavis70@hotmail.com