Get Ready...

Born Free vendors I will be contacting you soon about the set up and the layout for the show.If you don't hear from me in a me @

Who Wants a Panhead ??

These guys do!! Sorry Grant you can't win!! The posters w/ your free ticket to win are really moving fast so a big thank you to all that have purchased, it's really helping offset some of the costs of this event.Please remember when buying you must be present to win.Now go get some ...

Miserable Marty

This Pan is a favorite of mine...super clean the right to the point.Nice work big Marty...see u at the Born Free show.

Utility // Born Free // Born Loser

My pal JOSH is more than a snappy dresser with a sweet haircut. He runs the Internet side of Utility Board shop.He supported the first Born Free so much I made him a partner.He has built some really neat bikes,has helped me countess times & anyone else needing assistance.Josh is also heading up the Born Free Panhead build @ the Chino Fab Shop, so if it's not done ..blame him!!.Utility has done some real cool stuff w/ Max @ 4Q and more to come.Utility carries everything from sunglasses to skateboards,Vans to Adidas.He has set a special promo code w/ special discount for anybody seeing this and going to the Utility site to get some goods.The code is::: BRNLSRTEN and good until 5/2/10 and the website is So go to the site and get some sweet duds to wear to the show!!
I don't have the words ??...

Parts Request

I am helping folks look for parts and this is what is wanted ::: Nice Panhead straight leg frame,12 volt Generator,working Joe Hunt big twin magneto,chrome ribbed fender,Knucklehead pipes,flanders short dog bones and a big twin mechanical rear complete drum/backing plate ...wheel too if you got one.If you can help with any of this please email me @

Cross your fingers...

Things are looking up and we may have some exciting news about the Born Free show by weeks stayed tuned

(( 3 Little Tanks ))

The bikes are getting thinner and smaller every day and Adam has these 3 tiny tanks to help get your lane splitter skinny.You can get more info on these little guys @


Mark K. is selling his sixty four Impala.Contact him directly @ for more info.

Bars & Stars

Narrow chopper pullpacks in a vintage riser.This set will fit sportster,62 & up wide glide,narrow springers & girders.Next is a swap-fresh original star hub laced to a vintage Dunlop wm2 british rim w/19 x 4.00 runnable tire.Email me to buy this stuff@

Sixty 9 TR Six For Sale

Triumph motorcycle:: The handsome beast belongs to Spenser and he wants to sell it.The bike has some really nice lines and is ready to ride.Contact him directly for info@

Small Tanks For Sale $$

Here are a couple of center cap vintage Peanut tanks.The blue has some old paint and no mounts.The black has mounts and a couple dings.Both are runnable and the caps are not included.The tanks take standard Triumph caps.Email me for more info or to purchase @

Hot Tea

Red Tape

S T R E S S ~ F R E E


The Born Free show is more than a local So.Cal event that happens once a month.This show is bringing people from across the globe.We have confirmations from Japan,The UK,Australia,Switzerland,Canada,Spain & Germany.These people have comitted to come,bought their tickets,arranged lodging and are excited about the show.We need to make sure we deliver! So those of you bringing your vintage bikes to part of the main show please get here on time and get set up for the spectators.We will be giving away stuff all day,free food and drinks to enjoy,the awards and fianlly the Panhead giveaway.So we should be able to hold your interest during the event hours.We encourage everyone to come for the day and take in what should be one of the greatest collections of old bikes gathered in a long time.We also will have many new builds from some of the stay tuned for a teaser.

Born Free Bike Show

This year will will be giving away 15 awards at the show from best Knucklehead to Top get your hair combed and your bike shined. This is a REAL bike show with some special judges and a very special top award.We will give you more on that later but if you were at the last show you may remember the meaning behind the Best in Show trophy.Again this year we will be handing out quality vintage motorcycle trophies to the winners as well as gift bags the rival the Oscars!!! We are taking the " Vintage Bike Show " very serious and we are doing our very best to insure the bikes that you all want to see. The show is dedicated to classic choppers and vintage cycles but we will have an award for outstanding modern bike too.. so please ride your bikes,enjoy the day and make Born Free something to remember.
2 ~ F O R ~ 1

Close Call...The Real Spider Bike

My old 47 Pre Unit came with a tenant.I had noticed some small spiderwebs around the carb & seat since I got the bike.I had yanked them off every few days not giving much thought to it. I was joking with Keith from Moores the other night about the spiderwebs and maybe a Black Widow was making them...and would call the bike the Black Widow. I have been pulling the carb on and off for the last few weeks trying to make it run.I went out late Sunday night to get a feel for the handlebars & seat I put on earlier in the day,I sat on the bike grabbed the bars,looked down and there was old red belly! Siting on the nose of the seat right between the legs.My first thought was to burn him with with the old stand by( wd40 & a lighter) but used a can of high pressure cleaner( Thanks Jason) instead.The little guy put up a fight but it was just too much to bare. It does sound like much but when you're out in the garage at midnight in your underwear alone...SCARY!!

Hippy Pics

Wolf Pack leaving Chino to Winchester.The show spot could not have been better..old west feel ,middle of nowhere and very scenic.Great event!!!!!

New Tshirt Design Ready !!!

Count Trike-ula is in stock and set up in the store now.This is a very limited run in this colorway and when they are gone that's it! I only have med,large & extra large in black & white.