Time to Relax

Mock Knuck

Still trying to get the tank right..Sportster,Hummer,Axed, 3.5's..Any one have a cool tank to sell me?

West Coast Choppers

Frank has a wheel to sell and here she is.Contact him directly@ fastattack44@aol.com

Blogger Parts

Blake is selling some stuff..here is the list:: Leather King & Queen seat, an old Denvers springer, some Harley Tanks and a clutch. Contact him directly@ blakew12@hotmail.com

Great Deal

1955 FLE Pan/Shovel for sale. Runs! Title! Straightleg frame, Sidecar frontend, 66 Shovel primary with electric start! Kandy apple red . Panhead topend available.Contact Grant@ grant.peterson@sorc.com

Ebay Deals

Yas at Hwzn Bross in Japan bought this bike ( Blue BSA) twin off of ebay and had it shipped to Japan....when he got it, it had magically changed into this other bike( orange ) single. I don't know what happened but I know if it happened to me or one of my friends it would not be cool.He gave me a name of the guy he bought it from and said the guy won't return his emails.It is not my place to post his name but if you are him and reading this you should contact him and fix this or figure out what happened...maybe it was an honest mistake?If any one knows the guy or what happened,where this bike is or can help... please contact Yas@ hwznbross@mac.com We need to look out for each other out....and it could happen to me or you.



Flat Mill For Sale

Big Mike Lingley has this very nice stroker big Flat Head project for sale: Hi mike have a bobber project that I have spent a lot of money on and have totally lost interest in.gone injun.nice scooter for someone that likes Harleys and wants to finish.american cycle fab- pa. did all the engine upgrades$-4200...spray oilers-t&o wheels reground cams dual sweep pump single fire mag m53 4bolt carb b&h shifter with baby trap 18inch borranis.new tranny case 2.6 first new frame and fork ul tanks narrowed fenders.have 98% of the parts just needs assy.give me a call if you know anyone interested.thanks mike Lingley---indian trades...Email is cyclemikel@comcast.net

Borrani WM1 40 & 2.75

Christian is selling his 21 Borrani wm1 40 hole rim and Avon 21 x2.75 tire.Contact him directly for more details cgar@dslextreme.com

Now it Makes Sense

N I C E ~ M O T O R C Y C L E S

Personal Favorite

Sweet ~Tits

The Goods Part 3

Looking for a set of 80 year rare old tail lights....here is a set. These have a left and right ( one red jewel & one green ) you can use as a pair or apart. These are the nicest set I have ever come across. Contact me @ mikedavis70@hotmail.com

Early Cub Brake 21 Wheel {{ sold }}

Here is a early Triumph Cub Brake laced to a 21 " wheel & new ribbed tire.(( SOLD )) This wheel was pulled right from my pre unit and is ready for use. This gives you the smallest brake possible ( that works) and the spool look on the other side.Email for more details... mikedavis70@hotmail.com

six 4

If you need some excitement this might be what you have been looking for....jump speedbumps & ride through gravel. Email me if you like it@ mikedavis70@hotmail.com

Don't Even Pretend..

...you don't care or you don't watch..It's back Sept 6th http://vod.fxnetworks.com/watch/soa/1032722971001

The Goods Part 3

Old painted Wassell banana tank with a crazy spider web motif..Mounts are solid and inside looks good( light clean out). Email foe details@ mikedavis70@hotmail.com

The Goods Part 2

Here is a NOS set of Webco ( cross bow) race bars. These are also very tough to find.I am using a pair of these on my bike( been narrowed) and used them on my old Pre Unit too..I love' em...If you do to email me mikedavis70@hotmail.com

The Goods Part 1

I need to sell off some of my good stuff to pay for other good stuff..This is a very rare and probably the coolest 19"( 4.00 x 19) tire ever made...The Avon Track Racer...It's Nos just some shelf dust. I have used these on a couple of my old pre units and here on my new one.These are impossible to find and this one is New Old Stock... Email to own@ mikedavis70@hotmail.com