Five 7 for Sale (( sold ))

Andy's sweet fifty seven Panhead ( sold ) ::: 57 flh,rebuilt matching number cases, 84" stroker,original vl springer, fresh paint,tons of neat parts & fresh chrome. This bike looks amazing and needs nothing. Email me for more details and pricing@


Garage Night

Yoshi had a vintage bike night @ his shop and here's a couple pictures of the fun. With friend's like Mark Kawakami I never need to carry a camera again...Check out JoyRides for more photos.

Clayton's Panhead

2 Time winner..Born Free #1 Best Pan & Love Cycles Show Best Pan.Now wearing a sweet AMF tank( looks familiar ) drag bars & dog bones. Clayton's bike is featured in the new Street Chopper mag that will be out soon.

Vintage Helmet

Vintage AFX helmet in excellent condition.The helmet has a very small shell so you don't like like an alien.It fits like a small/medium.Clean on the inside and very nice on the out.Tough to find this model and ready to wear.Email me to own @

Narrowed Original Wide Glide // sold //

Looking for real chopper stuff ??(( sold )) This is an original early Panhead set of narrowed trees w/approx 6 to 8 over tubes and shaved lowers.I am running the same trees on my Panhead w/2 over tubes. This is the genuine article.Email me to own this treasure@

Thirty - Seven (( sold ))

F L A T : H E A D
1937 U Big Flattie. (( SOLD ))The bike runs great and has California title.Crazy everything!!! Email me for info@

Tanks...old tanks (( All Sold ))

Here are 3 killer old sporty tanks{{ ALL SOLD }} with original paint from the 60's or 70's.The aqua tank is wearing metal flake & flames :: The black is a straight old style flame job :: the gold & burgundy has a neat layout and is really nice...the best of the 3. The old painted tanks are soaring out of control and are getting tough to find.The tanks have some small dings & dents but all usable..the gold tank is really straight. Email me if you have interest in these tanks@

Back to Normal

Now that the show is over and a couple weeks have passed things are getting back to normal.I have lot's to post for sale and if you have something to post send it over...old stuff or chopper parts.

A few more...

B o r n F r e e ' s

The Riders...

Here are a few fearless riders who road from all over to come to the show.Riding to a 5 hour bike show ?? from Canada,Oregon & Colorado & everywhere else.....Who would of thought that.

Knuckle's Knuckle

47 Knucklehead filled with trinkets.The bike can be ridden anywhere & has Ca.Title.This bike has everything you would want .For more info email me@