Re Charge

Well it's that time of year & I will be closed down for a couple days to re -group.When I get back I have a lot of parts to list,Born Free sponsor & Panhead raffle updates and we will have very big annoucement about the show!! So check back soon........

38 FlatHead U for sale

38 FLATTIE FOR SALE $$ HERE ARE THE DETAILS:1938 Harley U flathead
-Titled as a 1938 Harley
-Knucklehead Flathead frame
-Inline big twin springer
-3.5 gallon fatbob tanks, the right side tank has been made into an oil tank
-Joe Hunt Magneto ignition,old cast mag body
-bobbed rear fender
-Original BT&E tail light
-Original Medium size Bates Ribbed seat(seat shows wear and a few holes but still looks and works great)
-Superior Mufflers
-Motor was rebuilt by the Garage Company about 2500 miles ago, the transmission was rebuilt at the same time
-11/2 belt drive *** ORIGINAL STOCK TANKS ARE AVAILABLE TO BUYER BUT ARE NOT INCLUDED IN ASKING PRICE.>>For price & more info contact Jeff directly

Miyamoto's 36 eL

If you like 36 Knucklehead's with dual carbs.. you might like this one.

Grand National

If you like cars you have come to the right place.Building after building loaded with the best customs,hot rods,muscle name it it was there.Here are a few >>

GNRS Bike Info

Ok it's $100.00 to enter your bike( $75.00) if you do it early>>$550.00 for a booth>> $12.00 to park >>$ 20.00 for admission, bizarre judging & classes..and about 15 or so cool bikes...I like the show and the cars are the best anywhere but as a bike show ??? This is why we are doing & need Born Free!!! You should come!

Day 2

More from the ~ G N R S


G N R S ~ B I K E S

Bored ?? Look at these..

Check out these unused very unique Panhead accessory finned rocker box rings.These were made by Puckett Custom Motorcycle Parts Fl. defunked in the 70's. Contact Mr. Robert directly to own these@

New Black Wolfman Design Tee's

This is the new black Wolf Man T shirt.They are in the BL store now and ready to ship.I have some of the old design left so check the store for size availability...The shirts are $$ 18 bucks

Housing Needed

I need a master craft housing for the 69,peace or swazi tail light.If you can help please let me know.Buy or trade?? email is

Deluxie Triumph's

The guys from Deluxie out enjoying some motorcycles.

Window Box Chopper Bars...SOLD....

Vintage Chopper 7/8 ths. low box bars in clean rider condition.Email me to purchase..

Chew on this....

Until I post some more parts........

Help'n Out

Matt is looking for a 16 x 3.50 40 hole shouldered Akront rim for his build.He will buy or has a 18" for trade.If you can directly @

New White Wolfman Tee Shirts>> Ready Now

Here is the new BL Wolfman T shirt.I made some design changes and got a better deal on these shirts so I am passing it on to you. The shirts are 18 bucks.They are in the store and ready to ship.