Sponsor Spotlight

As the Born Free Sponsors start to flood in we want to thank everyone who wants to get involved and will do so many times through the process. I want to feature some of the key sponsors in the coming months right here on my blog.This show is about promoting & preserving old motorcycles.These bikes will never go away!!Fat tires & Tv shows are fun while they lasted but this is the real stuff & we love it!! Ok....& now the story..... Wes & the 4 Aces gang were part of the first BF show and was ready to get involved again with # 2.He has produced some mighty fine Triumphs & Grand National show winning Flathead.Great guy and very knowledgeable.Wes got me going early on with Triumphs and he has been involved with promoting old bikes,swaps,rides & shows for years.We are happy to have him & his partners in our show.You can contact him for his services,parts & bikes @http://www.fouracescycle.com/index.html

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