Sugar Bear

I had the chance to sit and have lunch with Sugar Bear a couple days ago and it was a honor. Grant,Will & myself hung out with a legend and ate too much pizza.The guy is 72 years old and you would never know it. He has done it all and has been there since the beginning.... he has the me.He reminded me of a professor...very sharp & his words had meaning to them...anyway hard to explain but I was super impressed and humbled...also a very nice guy!! He is a 72 year old man,does all his own work and rides a chopper.....Respect!

No Show




SprinGeR & Wheel

Cody has this HD springer and 19" star hub wheel w/ springer brake.Contact him directly@ for the details.

High Pipes & Small Tank 'N

Chico has more stuff to sale$$ Nos Triumph Hi Pipes and a peanut tank. Contact him directly@

More Blogger Parts/Bike For Sale

Robert is selling his 06 HD 1200.Contact him directly for the details@

Tom is selling a NOS Wassell banana tank and some Harley mag bodies.Contact him directly@ /// Chico is selling a NOS Formula 18 x 4.50 tire.Contact him directly@ for the details.

57 T Bird

I bought this bike from the original owner/builder..he customized it the early 60's and it's almost like new.These old dudes know how to do it right...Just like my old 56 (the Gene Norman) this one runs super smooth and is a freeway flyer. Add leather jacket,a tight pair of jeans and u are the Fonze.


Brown Eyes

Long & Lovely

Eye Lashes

57 Survivor $ Sale $$ ( SOLD )

(( SOLD ))

This ole 57 Panhead Chopper was found in the desert...hidden from the world for many reborn and ready to ride. Here is what we have:: 1957 HD
straight leg frame
early 4spd trans
1 1/2 belt drive primary
46-48 big twin springer
21" star hub front
16" star hub rear
Flanders bars
Original 3.5 gal tanks w period custom paint
vintage custom fender and sissy bar
mechanical brake
foot clutch and hand me for more details@

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Here are some holiday goods for yourself... 2 ribbed fenders ( 1 full length & 1 for 16" wheel), lot's a risers,GP Carb,Webco PreUnit rocker caps,Buco Helmet,Vintage White leather jacket (40-42 med),old Alligator kidney( 32-34) belt, 2 sets narrow 41mm trees,Flanders ape hangers & more. Email me @