Sugar Bear

I had the chance to sit and have lunch with Sugar Bear a couple days ago and it was a honor. Grant,Will & myself hung out with a legend and ate too much pizza.The guy is 72 years old and you would never know it. He has done it all and has been there since the beginning.... he has the me.He reminded me of a professor...very sharp & his words had meaning to them...anyway hard to explain but I was super impressed and humbled...also a very nice guy!! He is a 72 year old man,does all his own work and rides a chopper.....Respect!

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Unknown said...

Good man. He was a good friend of my father. A few years ago I asked him to come speak at the elementary school I taught at and he rode his chopper right up on the campus and wheeled into the auditorium. The kids were jazzed. It was cool. His shop it it near my house. This post reminded me that I need to pay him a visit. Thanks,
Kenny Keys.