Smurf Tank **Sold**

Offset Wassel peanut in clean condition.{ sold }Paint is from a can.Cap is not included.To purchase email me @

Important Show Info >>

Just a couple reminders about the Panhead Sweepstakes: You must be present to win !! We will draw the number and the bike will be awarded at the show to the lucky winner. Next is you are buying the Panhead poster & with that purchase you receive a free ticket for a chance to win the 50 Panhead.That is the only way to enter ( poster/ticket)! Although the ticket says raffle on it this is a sweepstakes promotion.I know I have covered this several times but questions keep coming we want to be crystal clear about the way this will work.Posters & tickets will begin to ship next week.Good Luck !!

Handsome Pan

Clean , simple & well done.

Saddle up....

Long Beach swapmeet is this Sunday..forecast is clear.. no rain !! We will have the posters, tickets & flyers. FMA will be selling their goods & I might bring out a couple things please stop by the space.

Spade Risers & Stelling Racer Bars.. Sold

Here we have a killer set of vintage 7/8 ths. Stelling cross bow race bars[ Sold ].The chrome is in nice clean rider condition.I used the same bars on my Pre Unit a few years back..and some real chopper spade 1" risers{ risers are sold } right from the early seventies. If you want this stuff email me @

Show Stopper's

We are looking for old show bikes,drag bikes,hill climbers,choppers and stockers to bring to the Born Free show. If you have something or know of someone who does...we want you !If you are out of the country or out of state please contact me directly and I might be able arrange storage or delivery.

B O O T ' S

Panhead Poster/ Ticket Update

We have set up a Born Free Panhead Store just for the purchase of the BF Panhead poster that includes a free Panhead ticket.This is a very simple way to buy the posters and get your free tickets. The store is located on the top right side of the blog page just above the Born Loser Store You just click on the poster icon & boom !! you are there. .If you have any questions or concerns please email me @ If you want to buy posters/w free Panhead ticket locally we will be at the Long Beach swap meet this please stop by.

Blog Roll >>>

Scott Pommier is making the world a better place.. one photo & one tooth pick at a time.Please visit his new blog where we can fianlly steal his f-cking pictures..

The Panhead was Born....

B O R N~F R E E~P A N H E A D # 1

Night one....went well @ Chino fab.The bike is taking shape and the overall look has been agreed on....well almost.We might have the bike this weekend at the Long Beach swapmeet if we can get a little further along.We will be out there selling the posters w/free raffle tickets so stop by and buy$$ some!! The contest is open to everyone except us...the 5 Born Free- er's !! So all sponsors are welcome to enter. Remember when purchasing - you must be present to win!! or somebody representing you !! a side note if you have the new flyer there is a website listed for Born Free. It is not set up yet ( soon) and it will be for general show info.It will be easier for someone who gets the flyer or reads the ad's to go to one website dedicated to the show only.. then be directed to us ( FMA & BORN LOSER ) i still will post everything right here!!

1980's Easy Rider for sale $$

S H O V E L ~ H E A D

Rigid Shovel in HB for sale.This is a super clean bike and runs great.Clear CA. title.Contact Jason @ for more details.

Yamaha to Shovelhead /// a Born Free story.....

Kris is selling his Yamaha bob job to fund this sweet Shovel project.The mission is Born Free in June !! If you are interest in the Yamaha contact Kris directly @

// Transformer //

I sold this blue Triumph chopper to Takada @ Deluxie Japan about 3 years ago & here is the transformation...

{{ Born Loser Classified }}

A g e n t ~ O r a n g e

1965 Triumph chop is up for sale.The bike was built then stored for 20 years in Nor Cal & runnin on the streets....Contact Dave @ directly to get more info on the bike.

(( Tanks ))

Here are some sweet old tanks yanked right from the barn....Cool old Wassell { SOLD } peanut tank w/some crazy fade away paint job that has aged just right.The top seam looks like it has a tiny split & needs a little braze( nothing bad) The tank is really in clean overall shape. Next is a vintage Triumph cub oil bags.These work really well on unit hardtails and give that old racer look. Email me to own@

Wheels for sale >>>>

2 Spool wheels for sale: #1 is a killer 70's vintage 21 x 1.6 finned spool w/mini disc ( use disc or remove for just spool look) ( 21" was sold ) I will include a new set of 5/8 ths.bearings.. # 2 is an 18" flat track style vintage wheel in clean condition.It needs bearings.Email me to buy@

// Sponsors //

Thank you to all that have become our partner's in this show!! Just look at this incredible list !! We can't wait !!

B//F Panhead Stuff is Ready Now !!

~B O R N ~ F R E E ~I S ~ C O M I N G

We are selling this killer mini Born Free Panhead poster created by Adam Nickle for just $ 25.00 and with that small donation you will get a Born Free Panhead ticket for " free " you are buying the Panhead artwork not the Panhead ticket !!This is so we will..{ comply with the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy } The deal is, each poster purchased will come with one " free" buy 2 posters get 2 "free" tickets..and so on...Feel free to buy as many as you want !! Please visit the Born Free Panhead store and click the icon to purchase the poster & get free tickets // If you have any questions or concerns about this or you would like to purchase poster & gift a different way please email me directly @ This is the sm. Panhead poster and is only avaliable through this promotion.....We will have the full size " show " poster ready & for sale real soon!! FYI you must be present to be awarded the chopper. More details to come....

Triumph (( Chopper)) $$$

6 7~T R 6~C H O P P E R.....up for sale

This is a neat old Triumph with a lot of potential.Runs good and has the look.The old peanut tank has a nude lady on it !! so when you are riding you can stare at tits!!!It has sat untouch for many years until Meatball brought it back to life & is now for sale.Contact him directly@