Born-Free This Saturday..Get some Goods

I will have a Born Loser booth set up next to our BF booth at Born-Free 5 this Saturday. I have my new shirts ( Wild Riders), now in girls V necks, new patched hats, patches and other related goods. Free Stickers too...

Moon Glow

Dynamite Joe's Knucklehead...This bike is so clean it looks like a toy. Come out and see it for yourself at Born-Free 5 this Saturday.

Love Machine For Sale

Casey writes:

Love machine Van 1976 Ford Econoline E100 with 60,000 original miles. Everything on this Van is original besides the parts to make it run great. Things i did to it was Brand new carb, exhaust manifold ,radiator ,heater core. Interior is in near perfect condition with captain 360 degree chairs and a bench seat that folds out to a bed , paint is original, and so is the Heart window, runs great sounds great and looks great, also tires have good tread on them..Sound system is newer but the interior lights in the van are original  and 2 light bulbs are original .Get in and drive away condition.. Getting rid of it for the reason of its time to let go of some things and trying to buy a house ..Also it smogged no prob at all. current registration on it. No major dents just lil baby ones barely noticeable...It was my daily driver until i got a newer truck for safety of my daughter. Has a 351 Winsor motor with a C9 auto transmission . I am the 3rd owner of this Van. The original  owner of the van is named Sal whom bought this van off the showroom floor with that paint that you see on it along with the heart window. Sal used this van to go back and forth to work 3 miles round trip. Only reason i know this is that his son flagged me over going down a busy street where I live and was floored he saw his dads van rolling around. His dad and him used to go fishing on weekends so he remembers many nights sleeping in that van...Sals son told me that his mom was the one whom did all the interior. Window all work great and doors open great and are straight. Sad to see it go...But gotta move on..Email Casey@

Jeff's Parts For Sale $ The Good Stuff

Jeff has got a nice stash of of parts to sell. Flanders riser, a real 6 HD air cleaner, original bobbed narrow brace Knuckle fender and a neat old worn chrome Off~Set Springer front end.Email Jeff directly for details@



Only 2 Days Left

To purchase a Born-Free 5 Poster w/ Free ticket {{ ONLINE }} through Lowbrow that enters you to win one of the 18 particapating invited builder bikes. This is your chance! Don't wait or it will be too late!     

Chopper Dave's BF Builder Video

Chopperdave - Born Free 5 from Chopperdaves on Vimeo.                                Here is a look into the head of Chopper Dave.

FXDX For Sale

Chris is selling his sweet FXDX. Email him directly for the details@

American Builder Jasin Phares

 I love videos that when you are done watching you know more about the person & what they are about. This is very well done and features a very talented guy humble guy.Can't wait to see the next installment.

Bates P Pad Trade

Chris is looking to move a small pleated Black Bates pad for the same pad in White. He will trade or buy. If you can help him please contact directly@


Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Series-Trent Schara of Atomic Customs from Born-Free on Vimeo. This is a great video that gives you some insite into what Trent's about and what he builds.Trent is a solid guy and it's been a pleasure having him in the show.Come out to BORN-FREE 5 June 29 th 2013 and see Trent's bike finished and the 31 other invited builder bikes! 


Wil has a complete ARD Mag for Unit Triumph.Email him directly for the details@  

23" Mini Brake Front Wheel 4 $ale

Christian writes:: I've got a front wheel 23" with Buchanan stainless spokes and nipples and a chopper stopper front mini drum brake I'd like to see $600 for in near perfect condition with tire ready to ride. 40 spoke. It's all there including a bunch of spacers to align brake to rim.. Ive got 3/4 bearings in it now but also have 5/8" bearings to throw in.. If you can put it up for me on your blog, that would be cool. My contact email for people to get ahold of me is
Thanks a million.

Finally...Old Style Handlebars

There has been a definite need for handlebar bends of the 40's & 50's and now they are finally here.Scott at Noise Cycles has just release his new line of bars and they are dead on! He has a narrow center bend bar that is exactly like the Stelling bars I ran on my Pre Unit and his Springer Width bar is the perfect bend and heigth for an Big Twin( on Blue Pan )
. He also has T bars, a neat Scrambler bend,flat trackers and some newer style bars too.Go to his blog for more details...   

Lee's Sled

I sold these old crossbar handlebars to Lee a while back and look right at home on his Triumph scrambler.

68 Shovel Chop For Sale

Jazi is selling a 68
Shovel Chopper. Email him directly for the details@

Gila Monster on the Cover...

...Of the new Street Chopper. Thanks Jeff J Holt for the love. The bike looks pretty cool in the studio. The only downside there was no room for the tech and thank you section so...Thank you Classic Cycles for the killer motor build & letting be put the bike together in your shop, T-Bone for all the fab,chrome and help,Kiyo for narrowing my trees and John Edwards for the paintwork.


Sportster Chop For Sale

Ben has a nice looking Sportster Chopper for sale. Buy it and ride to Born-Free!! Email him directly@

Kouske Says it Best...

Here is Kouske's BF5 Builder video.He is one talented guy who's always happy! He said something in his video that is truly what Born-Free is about..."People ride their bikes to the show and have fun"  Thank you Kouske!!

1951 Sedan Delivery For Sale/Trade

This Jewel is for Sale or Trade.. Email me for the details!