Love Machine For Sale

Casey writes:

Love machine Van 1976 Ford Econoline E100 with 60,000 original miles. Everything on this Van is original besides the parts to make it run great. Things i did to it was Brand new carb, exhaust manifold ,radiator ,heater core. Interior is in near perfect condition with captain 360 degree chairs and a bench seat that folds out to a bed , paint is original, and so is the Heart window, runs great sounds great and looks great, also tires have good tread on them..Sound system is newer but the interior lights in the van are original  and 2 light bulbs are original .Get in and drive away condition.. Getting rid of it for the reason of its time to let go of some things and trying to buy a house ..Also it smogged no prob at all. current registration on it. No major dents just lil baby ones barely noticeable...It was my daily driver until i got a newer truck for safety of my daughter. Has a 351 Winsor motor with a C9 auto transmission . I am the 3rd owner of this Van. The original  owner of the van is named Sal whom bought this van off the showroom floor with that paint that you see on it along with the heart window. Sal used this van to go back and forth to work 3 miles round trip. Only reason i know this is that his son flagged me over going down a busy street where I live and was floored he saw his dads van rolling around. His dad and him used to go fishing on weekends so he remembers many nights sleeping in that van...Sals son told me that his mom was the one whom did all the interior. Window all work great and doors open great and are straight. Sad to see it go...But gotta move on..Email Casey@

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