>>>Happy New Year<<<

Thanks to all that have bought from me,posted comments,attended events,sent in pictures and helped out me out in anyway.Have a Happy New year!!!

Mystery Photos

Living the D r e a m

Yesterday I got a package in the mail with no name and a SC return address...inside was about 100 real pictures from the early 70's to mid 80's..from bikes to babes & a little taste of the good life[seventies style}.I have no idea who sent them but thank you.Please contact me so I can return them to you.I have scanned a few and here they are!!

Bubble TOP

Arnold Garza built this perfect 61 Olds Bubbletop & now has it up for sale$ He has owned this car for years & has built it right!!It is definitely one of my favorite cars...check it out here http://stylishkustoms.blogspot.com/

Bond...Dave Bond!!

Sorry Dave had to do it!Sweet blog full of nudes,bikes,cars & everything else I like.Check it out http://luckybdesign.blogspot.com/ also heard about your gold leaf'n skills...I will be call'n soon.We might be having a best mustache contest @ BF 2 so be ready!


I started shipping again today...so if you bought a t shirt or some parts they are coming soon.Thanks for the support!!!

Bsa Survivor

Al from Toronto sent me these pictures of one sweet old Bsa.I am trying to talk him into coming out to the Born Free 2 show with it.The Canadian crew needs to unite & make the trek together!!

Under pressure
By request..she's been away too long.

Forty Seven

Joe stopped by today with his handsome knuckle and bamboozled me out of my ribbed lowers,ribbed pre unit tube covers & some Flanders risers.He & and special builder are working on a secret Shovel project that will shock the Born Free 2 spectators..can't wait.

Born Free Poster

Poon put together this awesome collectible poster for Mooneyes Japan & should have some more available soon. We are also working on a new one once the sponsors are set.For you who are interested in being a sponsor contact us after the 1st. and we will have the info for you.

Blogger Bikes

From Italy to Sweden back to the USA....thanks for sending in your pics.

Here is something to break up all the parts post's...enjoy.

a few more ....

Pre Unit Triumph nickel plated single carb head{ sold } with matching rockers.I removed this from my running 54 6T.Comes with manifold,pushrod tubes,oilers& everything shown here.Here is a square chopper tail light in clean rider condition.The Nash runs this type..so if he is your hero buy this!!Next up is a very cool set of Posa Fuel{ sold } chopper pegs.These were made by the same company who made the fuel injectors.You know the drill...email is jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com

Parts for Sale $$$

OLd headlight from the 40's w/fluted glass lense 7 nice old black paint....Chopper peg lot..3 pairs!! Triumph Pre Unit chrome tree set.{ sold }This is the thick{ good one } top tree so there is no gap between your fork covers and tree.Email me if this is your thing. jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com

>>>Z bars>>>

Here is a very rare set of Z bars with internals.They are 1" bars with a 9" rise and have springer center width.These are NOS and are in excellent condition.You can use both internals or just the throttle side and block the advance.I ship everywhere and take paypal.Email me to own this treasure... jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com

I am looking for a 21" star hub wheel in nice clean condition.If you can help out please let me know@ jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com

Jon's Triumph

Jon sent in this pic of his incredible bike the "Assasin"!! We are hoping he gets it ready for the show. This is the kind of bike that we are trying to get to come out to BF 2....More info on this bike on the Show N Go blog...it's on my bloglist


The year is almost over & the Born Free 2 Show is coming fast & we have a lot to do....we want to get the word out about the show and send out an invite to anyone who has a survivor chopper,hillclimber,racer or any other old bike with some history.If you know anyone please let us know.We can assist in getting them here!! email me @.. jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com

>>>Bar / Riser Combo's<<< all sold

3 Riser & bar combos to fit any look: narrow Z's {sold}... narrow Dragbars{sold}...& narrow Pullbacks{ sold }.The fit all narrow glides,k model/Sporty ,skinny springers & girders and later wide glides.Email me to buy a set. jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com