Top Triumph@ The Born Free Show

Brian brought down is highly detailed show bike from the Central Coast and took home the top trophy for unit Triumph. The judge for this award was my friend & very talented builder Takada of Deluxie Customs. He and 2 close friends came all the way from Japan to attend & bring some great prizes for the show. Thank you Takada!!

T Bone's Goods for sale$$

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Chrome Primary

Here's killer chrome primary chain set up for big twin.Contact Anthony to purchase
Just a change of pace

The People



Wes White from 4 aces cycle brought down this period perfect Pre Unit Show bike. It was a crowd favorite and one of mine for sure. He also took home an award with his 100 mph plus Pre Unit Bonnieville bike in the top competition categorY.

Top Panhead Winner B/F

Clayton won for the Panhead class.You may remember a few posts about him & Josh putting their bikes together just in time for the show...well they made it and Clayton got the award! There was some steep competition in the Pan group..nice work Clayton!!

53 Pan Head engine in Europe for sale$$$

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Top Pre Unit

Dan Druff's took home top honor's, a sweet vintage trophy & killer gift bag.Mr. Keith Moore donated a 100.00 gift certificate to his shop[ Moore's Cycle] for this award.Thanks Dan for making the haul!


I did not get my camera out until the show was pretty much over but here are some of the people who attended.

Masa Born Free Art Piece

Masa made this incredible sculpture for me in honor of the Born Free show.He is a insane artist and real nice fella too.Please check his blog for more incredible art@


Grant,Harpoon and myself have worked like dogs for the last month to make this event come together..which it did! But we really need to thank the fellas @ Classic Cycles...Tony,Andy,Ryan,Ali Bobber and Tim for hosting the event on very short notice and really helped out make it great show.I also want to thank Joe,The Nash and Jimmy White for all their help[ Jimmy rules!!ticket calling is very stressful].The sponsors went over and above on donations and we thank you very much it will not be forgotten.I also want to thank Scott Pommier for coming down and shooting the whole thing on film.A couple people we could not include on the flyer were Adam Wright [ thanks Adam] & Kurt from Sporty Specialties who also showed their support.We did give out 13 of the coolest old trophies from some very special judges and we will have some pictures & details soon. From Rock Stars to bike clubs everyone had a great time.Thanks for coming out and stayed tuned for the next one!

Born Free photos part 1 of many more to come

Here are some of the incredible photos snapped by Scott Pommier.This was just a taste of what was at the show....more to come.

This is just a small taste of what's to coming....These incredible photos were snapped by Scott Pommier.

Wheelie Down...........

Ok... it's here they day we have been waiting for...The Born-Free Vintage Motorcycle Show.It's at 1 to 6 pm today @ Classic Cycles in Orange. This is not your average bike show that you pay too much to get in and see nothing you like.This is free of charge with tons of the old bikes we all love.Come down and make some new friends,meet some of the builders,painters,artists,fabricators,bloggers and sponsors that made this event happen!! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!