It's time.... but not cheap!!!

Rare 1954 Pre unit split year rigid alternator model for sale$$$.Here's a few highlights....WMO 21"low shoulder Akront rim w/high fin spool hub w/Avon 2.75 tire,matching 18"low shoulder Akront rim & Firestone tire.Nos Wassel chrome fender & Chica made sissybar,old aluminum pan drag seat,50's vintage airplane tail light,Nos Webco chrome fork covers on a rare de-raked frontend.NOS Wassel pipes,Webco finned oil cooler,rare Superior side stand,Nos Long primary cover w/inspection cover that's impossible to find.Rebuilt Lucas competition magneto,vintage 4.5 KD head light,Chicago MC kicker pedal,rare Flanders U riser set w/nos dragbars or nos Stelling & Helling highbars[you choose]. Nickle plated cylinder ,head,rockers & oil tank from the old days.Edwards painted narrowed tank in a metalflaked organic paint scheme.The most important piece on this bike is the beyond rare Finned Timing Cover that can not be replaced.There are very few known in the world that are real..& this one is.I have been offered more that most complete running Triumphs cost for this piece.To the right buyer I will give a 1959 Bonnieville head[twin carb] ready to use,twin chrome Posa fuel injectors 26mm & another chrome 930Amal carb to match the one on the bike,nos Superior trumpet tips,a brand new stator,rotor , box & more...I will sell to Japan & worldwide.I can assist with shipping [drop off.. ect ].Serious inquiries only..... please email me at

This is for a friend..

Chopper Time

Frisco style OG chop for sale.Pan lower w/80 inch shovelheads.California title and clean numbers.I sell worldwide and can assist in me for more info.

Is that a Bates seat she's sitt'n on ?...who give's a shit !!

A Year of Blogg'n

To evervyone who has commented,sent in pictures,bought my parts and made the blog a lot of fun.Thank you for a great first year!

Help Me ...

Orange county bikers or anyone local. I need a black p pad asap[leather or vinyl]to finish up my project.If anyone has one to sell or trade I need it .Please email me @

Weekly Reader

Something for everyone.

Ok it's been 24 hrs.....

Here's more of the goddess.. please enjoy responsibly...

Here's more from you

Thanks for sending in the pics.Cool Bikes

Front end set up for sale$$

Here's a complete dual disc gide front end that's ready to run.Everything included.Very clean condition.It's $ 400.00 ...the front wheel is worth that alone!! email Jason to buy...

55 panhead for sale

This vintage gem is for sale by FatBob contact him @

Real Chop for Sale

Frisco style chopper w/ pan lower & shovel top.The bike is a few days and a little more work away from being done and for sale $$$.Built in the late 70's & real Harley California title no blue tag!!

Flanders 7/8 handlebars 4 sale

Original vintage flanders 7/8 ths. scrambler bars in Nos condition.These cool bends just are not made anymore...Email me for info @

One wheel

Pop-a-wheelie...original photo taken by Grant Peterson aka "Jack Burton".Destruction of pic done by yours truly.


I need a old black solo seat & p pad.Leather is preferred but old vinyl would work.Bates,Italian or whatever. I could even do a cobra or 2 pc.rig if it's cool..please email me if you can help.