This Just In...

Paulie to build Born Free Knucklehead !!! OK just kidding but what I can't believe is that I posted the " breaking news" on Tuesday night and by today it's all over the internet,covered by several blogs & forums and the shirt in question was removed from JR'S website...You guys don't mess around...nice to know people care.


Beard's are hot right now.

Nos Webco Handlebars For Sale

Here is a set of vintage new old stock crossbow 7/8 ths. handlebars.This is the exact set I used on my Pre Unit in the photo ( I cut a couple inches off).These were distributed through Webco and pretty tough to find.Email me to buy@

Tea Time

The Comune put together a nice offering of motorcycles & art last Saturday night @ their compound in Costa Mesa.Free food and drinks too.Here are the highlights...

Limited Time..

I just made up another small run of these white/chocolate Wolf Wheelie tees.Get them in sm,med,lg ,xl & xxl in the Born Loser Store.

Surfing the Net...TV BooB

>>> plagiarizer
A noun
1 plagiarist, plagiarizer, plagiariser, literary pirate, pirate

someone who uses another person's words or ideas as if they were his own

I don't think people use that expression anymore but I was doing it and this is what I found ....It looks as though Paul Jr. from American Chopper fame has stolen the image of a bike built by Ian @ Falcon , put it on a Tshirt, wore in in front of millions of people, has claimed it as his own and even put his logo on it. Is there not a law against something like this ?? I know he did not build it because there are no spider webs present.


Suck !! It has been 9 months since I cracked the case on the old 53...and in a few weeks she will be back on the road.Yoshi & Kyio are doing there thing on a full rebuild & I can't wait.When it's done they will begin the Born Free Knuckle build!!

Ms. Candy

L o v i n g s

1950 Panhead For Sale$$ (( SOLD ))

1950 Panhead:: Narrowed wide glide,stepped & shaved lowers,21 Wm0 aluminum rim laced to vintage finned spool hub w/new Avon tire,matching low shoulder 16" rear w/new avon tire.Wassell chromed fender,AMF tank,Bates seat & P pad,rare Z&G finned primary,Linkert m74b w/original Roth finned cover,Beck grips,Bates headlight & pegs,Pig tail light,Joe Hunt magneto,Superior pipe set,Jammer finned kicker cover,custom fabbed stepped risers,narrowed bars,sissybar,mid pegs,stainless oil lines & headlight mount.New O ring nickle chain,all new cloth wiring,new neck bearings,25 tooth sprocket,new Pro clutch,primo 1 1/ 2 belt drive,generator,topend,tranny,kicker gear,cam & more.California title and current registration.

Born Free Art Work

Get your artwork in for the Born Free flyer contest.We are starting to get some cool stuff so if you are working on something time is running out.We want to have it wrapped up by October 1st.The winner will have their artwork seen all over the world.We are going to advertise heavy in all the magazines and your art will be come part of Born Free.

I Need Help..

I am looking for the the U bolts for a pre unit front end top clamp( nacelle style)These are the bolts that hold down the handlebars.Please email me if you can help@

1938 Flat Head Fever (( SOLD ))

Looking for a big twin Flathead chopper? Look no further! Here is the one you need...This bike runs excellent and looks amazing.Triumph pre unit front end and drum laced to a WM ZERO 21,18/star hub rear,Flanders U riser,real Bates blue seat,Wassell tank & fender,rebuilt motor & trans,Hi Comp.polished heads,80" barrels,magneto,Linkert M51,Lee clutch pedal,Beck grips and everything else you would want.The bike is in So. Cal.Email me for more details @

New York

I did not take many pics of the trip and wish I did. Brooklyn is about as cool as it gets.The show was a real good time and the White Knights were gracious host's & cool dudes. I was honored they asked me to be there..This is exactly what we need.. real motorcycle shows and people making an effort to go to them,no matter how far away they are.The bikes were cool & the people were super friendly.NY blew my see the city & all those buildings from the top of the rock will put a lump in your throat for sure.We met some really cool people,went to some sweet bars,ate like pigs & laughed our asses off...I hope people will see all the blogs & pics of this event & others like it and get inspired to do something.