Handlebars // Risers // Mufflers (( 4 $@le $$ )) All Sold

1" brass Flanders( sold ) dog bones in old chrome ( someone grinded the bottoms a bit to clear something)still very usable.Nos (( MUFFLERS SOLD)) supper skinny cigar 1 3/4 mufflers these are much thinner than the Superior shotgun style..very cool. Original Knucklehead offset springer bars ( the advance spiral is frozen..just needs a little attention.The throttle cable & wiring are ready to go.Lastly my favorite pair of handlebars I own..they are 1940's 1 inch Flanders (( flanders bars sold)) w/the best bends ever that have springer center width and have a 15/16 ths. pre unit step down throttle.These are super cool w/ perfect old worn chrome and almost impossible to find.Email me to buy some some goods @ jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com

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