46 Knucklehead w/ Sidecar

Kevin is selling this 46 Knuckle with original sidecar. Neat bike with lots of accessories. Email him directly for the details @ wrightsresurrections@gmail.com

Gone in an instant

Getting older sucks. Things are changing and you can't stop them or even slow them down. When you are young a school year lasted forever now its flying by so fast it's scary. My knees are shot, my back is sore and I'm shrinking..I am getting old... But not as old as the Nash! In the last few weeks the owner of the company I work for passed away, a friend of many friends died way too young, a customer of mine was told he has less than 6 months to live , I found out a friends dad has cancer and last night a young lady we knew was tragically killed on her motorcycle. Its really sad and I feel for the families.I guess what I am getting at is we don't have as much time as we think so enjoy it before its gone. I am going to spend more time with my family & friends and not waste precious time worrying about the stuff that's not important...... Ride Safe

Larry's BF5 Builder Video

This one is really good...

Shovelhead For Sale

Martin has a neat swingarm Shovelhead for sale$$..Email him directly for the details@ martin.schneider@gmail.com


The Loose Cannon

Tearing up the Vineyards of Templeton on his new Panhead

$ Nice Shovelhead For Sale $

Kevin has his Shovel up for sale. Hey Mike, I'm selling a recently built '75 Shovel- new S&S motor w/ Jim's lifters, new trans w/ Andrew's gears, S&S Super E, Coker Classic tires, all with only 3000 miles. Lots of old parts- Panhead front end/ bars, Knuckle seat, Bates hardbags, Anderson pegs. New white leather P-pad, Knuck style exhaust, 3.5 gallon tanks w/ screw in emblems, etc. I have a round swingarm, juice drum, and wheel to go with the bike for the asking price. This a great runner and ready to ride to Born-Free...Email him directly@ madpotter_1@hotmail.com


Win a Bike!

Ran across this pic of the BF3 Knuckle...that was a killer bike and we gave it away for only 25.00...is it me or is that a good deal. 1946 Knucklehead built by Kiyo!! I hear people say I don't want to buy a ticket cause I never win...well to date we have given away 4  real bikes to 4 real happy people! This year the winning ticket gets to pick between 19 invited builder bikes... all new builds just for this show and you can win one.I don't think it's sunk in yet to most...when has that ever happened anywhere? I don't think it has. I can't wait to pull that ticket and call that name.... 6/29/13 @BF5 

Got Parts or Bikes to Sell

Email me with what you want to get rid of and I will post it here. mikedavis70@hotmail.com

Walters BF 4 Video

This was one of my favorite videos from last year. I love Walter and feel happy when I watch this...

Rusty Gold Swapmeet

If you are going to be in Amsterdam in early May you are lucky!! There is also a swapmeet to attend! Visit the blog for more info rustygoldswapmeet.blogspot.nl

AMF Tank For Sale. ((Sold ))

Oliver has this very nice and rare color AMF sporty tank for sale. Email him directly for the details :Tscgod@gmail.com

Roller For Sale

Anthony has this project for sale::Email him directly@ arobinson0217@gmail.com arobinson0217@gmail.com

-Nice, straight Panhead frame
-18 star hubber w/ new juice drum and Firestone ANS & 19 laced to Honda Black Bomber drum
-Old narrow tree'd wide glide w/ new Chinese tire
-Panhead rocker boxes oil tank
-OG Mustang Scooter tanks
-Early Sportster fender w/ internal struts (spaced to three inches above tire...sitting low in pic.)

New Black BL Tiger Girl Tees in Stock

I just got in a new black T shirt in the Tiger Girl Design. I have these in small- xx large.I will
 ship all over the world .Get one now in the Born Loser store... http://bornloser.bigcartel.com/  

Knucklehead Springer For Sale

Mike's got a Knuckle springer up for sale. Contact him directly for the details.. suckaduckpunk@yahoo.com

Imperial Finned Primary for Sale

MiKe has a real finned Imperial Products primary cover for a big twin. Email him directly for the details @ suckaduckpunk@yahoo.com

1951 Panhead FL Fir Sale

Super nice numbers matching 51 Panhead .Re built motor & trans.Completely Re wired. Ca Title and 51 plate. Lots of neat parts. Email me for the details. mikedavis70@hotmail.com


Reward...Please Help

This was the only bad thing that happened on a really fun day at the Garage Company a few weeks back. Please read and help . This kinda of stuff is unacceptable!! Hey Mike,

Regarding the get together the other weekend, it was one for the books... The ride from DXIE's was great, the gathering was BIG to say the least and the Garage Company unbelievable... Grand day until some asshole stole my 1947 CA license plate with 49 registration tab and the Leonard Andres San Diego H-D surround off my 49 Harley. Did I mention that they broke my original flawless tombstone tail light in the process?! I will gladly pay a $500 reward for the return of the plate and surround. If I can have the fingers of the hand has stole the plate, I will gladly pay more.

I have attached a clear picture of the assembly. If you would help by posting the reward I would truly appreciate your help. Also, if you know of anyone with a nice original tombstone tail light, please have them contact me.

Ride On...

Michael Anderson



Chopper Seat For Sale

Here is a well crafted 2 piece white chopper seat that fits nicely on a big twin . Email me to own. mikedavis70@hotmail.com

Knuckle Heads and Bates Seat for Sale

Joe is selling a complete set of knuckleheads with cylinders and a ribbed Bates seat. Email him for more pics and info. hbfsu69@aol.com

Triumph 650 For Sale


is selling his Triumph Chopper. Lot's of work done,rebuilt motor ect. Email him directly@ scooterjay@mac.com scooterjay@mac.com


AJ has some parts for sale.Email him dirctly for the details@ mavric14@aim.com  

This Saturday Morning...

Remembering one of the best.... Keith R Moore. Saturday the 20th. 8 am to 12pm. Free Breakfast,coffee and memories. 1425 N. Manzanita Street @Classic Cycles in the of Orange

Looking For Avon 2.75 Tire

I am looking for a nice runnable Avon  21 x2.75 tire. Email me directly if you can help.. mikedavis70@hotmail.com