Reward...Please Help

This was the only bad thing that happened on a really fun day at the Garage Company a few weeks back. Please read and help . This kinda of stuff is unacceptable!! Hey Mike,

Regarding the get together the other weekend, it was one for the books... The ride from DXIE's was great, the gathering was BIG to say the least and the Garage Company unbelievable... Grand day until some asshole stole my 1947 CA license plate with 49 registration tab and the Leonard Andres San Diego H-D surround off my 49 Harley. Did I mention that they broke my original flawless tombstone tail light in the process?! I will gladly pay a $500 reward for the return of the plate and surround. If I can have the fingers of the hand has stole the plate, I will gladly pay more.

I have attached a clear picture of the assembly. If you would help by posting the reward I would truly appreciate your help. Also, if you know of anyone with a nice original tombstone tail light, please have them contact me.

Ride On...

Michael Anderson


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