Summer is Here...

..Well it feels like it today.It is getting closer and so is Born Free.

74 Sportster For Sale $$

Michael has his Seventy 4 for sale$. Neat bike and nice price.This bike is really cool.Contact him directly@

The Lodge

We have been adding some inventory and finishing up some light construction..we have a few more signs to hang and we are ready to go.Give us call and come by....bring a fridge and a couch.

Narrow 41 mm Trees // Sold //

Here is a handsome set of Narrow 41 mm ( sold ) Chopper trees.They are in nice solid condition and ready for use.These will convert you standard HD wide glide into a skinny lane splitter.Email me if you need these.

New T Shirt :: Dirtbike Wolfman

Here is my new Wolfman on a Triumph Dirtbike Tee and it's my favorite design to date.Adam really out-did himself..again on this one..These are AAA Tees in Black and a limited amount in White.Sizes are Small to XXL. These are in stock and in the Born Loser store now.

Family Pet

P o l a r~ B e a r

Brown VS Brown

I had a little debate the other night with some local personalities about what movie was better.The Endless Summer or On Any Sunday ? It is very hard to call.. both were and still are the best movies about surfing and motorcycles ever made.Chime in if you have an opinion...My pick was On Any Sunday.

Saturday Night


Pelican For Sale $$

Shawn has the Pelican dialed in and ready to is the Craigslist Ad>>

HD Motorcycle for Sale $$

Eddie is selling his 1999 HD rigid. Here are some of the details :: I am selling a 1999 sporty on a flyrite "smokin' gun" frame. I have the stock frame as well.
I was told that the motor has been bored to 1325 from the previous owner(which is also a good friend, so I trust that it is).
It has a super e carb, new sprockets and chain, battery, oil bag, pipes and sissy done by slim, everything is either new or at least gone thru. runs, stops, and handles great!
selling cause I busted my shoulder and can't ride for a while.
>> Email Eddie @

Yama - Hopper

Jerimiah is selling his 72 XS 650 Yama Chop and if it's what you are looking for email him directly@

Born Free Video

Michael Schmidt and Max Schaaf put together a great video to show us all that this is just about.... having fun..Turn down my music player to hear the video.

Max Schaaf for Born Free from Michael Schmidt on Vimeo.

Imperial Finned Primary For Sale // sold //

This is a real Imperial Finned primary cover { sold } for a big twin HD. It has Imperial cast into it,it has been polished and it fits.This cover was removed from the J.E. { SpaceKat } so you know it's legit and it's ready to run.If you are interested please email me @

Knucklehead For Sale $$

Jason has this 1946 Knuckle for sale that's pretty close to being on the road.If you hurry you could ride it to Born-Free...Here are the details::
-Original Inline Springer
-21" front wheel wrapped in an Avon 2.75 X 21 (fair condition)
-2 piece Z bars bought from Mike Davis!!
-Original Bates Seat with great Patina
-Thin black British blade fender
-Sporty Tank
-Freshly rebuilt Motor (Finished 3/11/11 Never Fired)
-Freshly rebuilt Tranny (Finished 3/11/11 Never Run)
-18" rear wheel w/ mechanical brake (Rough Condition)
-Clear FLORIDA Title

Details on Motor Rebuild:

-61 (EL) Barrels 60 over
-61 (EL) Flywheels
-Andrews S Grind cam
-Rebuilt Rods
-New Rings
-New Gaskets and Seals
-Valve Job

Details on 4spd Tranny:

-New Kicker Gear W/ Bushing
-New Bearings (88)
-New Seals and Gaskets
-Counter Shaft Thrust Washer

What Knuckle Needs to Make Born Free III:

-Clutch Set-up and Belt
-Carb (Bike includes S&S B Manifold)
-Fender struts
-Generator (6 Volt needing rebuild included)
-Pipes>>> Contact Jason directly@ for more info.

Parts and Hub Builder

When I put out the call for a narrow spool hub wanted ,Ronnie contacted me about one he had made.He sent me some pics and it was mine.The hub is very high quality and is very narrow.Although it's new it definitely has the look of the spools made years ago.He makes these from scratch.. made to order and this is the first one.It's going on my Pre Unit after a polish and will post some pics of it when done.He can do them in 40 or 36 hole,no fins or multiple fins.Ronnie also has some parts for sale::: Old Avon 21 x 2.75 tire and some Panhead tanks and fenders.Contact Ronnie directly@ to get a hub built or buy these parts. Thanks Ronnie!