Thanks and Tank

First off we I want to thank the Dr. ( Harpoon ) for painting the tank and using his old world secrets on it...then striping it for all too see at the Garage Company.He did this incredible work for us for free..and it you are a painter you know how much time and effort go into a nice paint job...and the materials.We also want to thank Tyler from Lowbrow Customs for donating such a fine tank. The lucky winning ticket was pulled last night and Chadwick from Arizona won the tank.I called him on the phone from the party and he was very excited and I found out he will be at Born Free as well.That was great to hear and tells me that people are getting more involved everyday and distance does not matter when you want to be part of something special .The Garage Party was a great time and again good vibes from all.The best part of the day was that so many people including Yoshi thanked us for putting on this show...that means a lot.


manwithnoisland said...

Clean and Simple...the NEW flat black

Ailton© said...

WOW... The tank really came out a killer one!!! Props for the sponsor & RES-PE-CT for the painter, it's true a piece of art!!!
Cheers & i hope to visite you guys at the Born Loser show some day!!!

Cyrus said...

Alla Grande Dr. Harpoon!