Big Foot Tees on Sale $$

Big Foot tees on sale through the 4th of July.Get one in the Born Loser Store -xxl.

59 Panhead

John Edwards flawless 59 Pan.I have been watching this bike come together for several months and talked to John daily about his build. The bike is incredible just like his 52.John built the entire bike and obviously did the paint and body.Understated paint & a list of rare parts...NOS XA to Nos 2.75 John is a stickler for creating a bike in a certain time period and he has nailed this one.Doing something this correctly with no shortcuts takes patience& skill and even though he busted it out for the show no comprises were made and it really shows.I hope to get over to his place and take some of my own photos but these will have to do.

Builder Bikes

Here are just a few of the Builder Invite bikes. I will do a complete post about all of them once I locate some pictures and details.Put these 25 bikes in a building and it could have been it's own show..

2 Throat For Sale

Complete S&S two throat set up.Contact SpawnRanch directly @

69 FLH For Sale $$

Jeff is selling his 1969 Shovelhead.Contact him directly@

55 Pan/Shove For Sale

DANNY G'S ...Contact him directly@

1960 Panhead w/ Mags

Eric writes> This is a friend of mine from the bar, Rich's bike. He's letting it go. Email if interested.He doesn't spend a lot of time on the internet, so I offered my help spreading the word about this bike for him.This is his first bike. He bought it in the 60's and has ridden it ever since. It's his daily driver for many, many years. He's re-done the bike several times over the years, rigid frame/springer/girder/etc.Pics are pretty much how it stands now. He finished re-building the transmission today. Fresh as a daisy. Specs: 1960 Panhead84" S & S Stroker KitS&S Oil PumpSpike Electronic IgnitionSingle Fire Dual CoilsApprox 4500 Miles on engineJim's liftersShovelhead valvesFresh rebuilt transmissionNew Counter sprocket = 22 teethNew chain - TsubakiNew Rear sprocket = 48 teethPhase III belt driveElectric Start - HD 19651972 Shovelhead swingarm frame15" Performance Mad MagsNew Dunlop TiresPM front and rear brakes1949 HD Triple tree - Adjustable Rake2" Over stockfork tubes by frankspin-on oil filtermouse trap clutch1962 HD 3.5 gallon fat bob tank If you can help spread the word or have any questions, let me know. It's a KILLER bike. Thanks in advance. -Eric Also posted here with more pics: ::

Gmc Van For Sale

Anthony is selling his shorty GMC Van.Contact him directly@

Michael Schmidt

Michael was a huge part of the show this year with his killer photos and great video's. Check out his style@

Back to Normal..

I am almost there...well as normal as I can get. I will start posting all of the bikes and parts many of you have sent in. Thanks for waiting's coming.

BF 3

Here are just a few pictures from the day...I still can't believe it's over.


If you have bought stuff from me in the last week or's on the way.Thanks for being patient.

After Born Free

I am gonna need a couple days to re group but I want say that the show was worth the effort we put in. Grant you are some one who never lets me down. Nash you are an animal and I will never forgot how you helped us.To everyone else who worked so hard ..thank you so much.If you were there you probably know about the bikes,the people and the attitude. Somebody told me last year don't do it again it can not get better...Well this years show was better and it was because of all of you! Thank you to all who came out and supported us..To all of our generous sponsors,the builders and fantastic vendors.I did not get one picture but hopefully you all did.

Crazy Time

Things are getting down to the wire for Born Free & the posting will slow down.If you want me to post something I will try to do before...if not right after the show.

Chopper Big Twin Frame

Steve is selling this straight leg chopper frame for a big twin. Contact him directly@

Tracy Body

Jordan has this amazing Tracy fiberglass body for sale$$ . Contact him directly@

Summer Time


One Week Until BF3

It's hard to believe it's a week away! We have promoting this show since last September at the Brooklyn Invitational. We have been to alot of bike shows,races and gatherings... several art and car shows & every local swap meet since December talking to people ( all of you) about Born Free... not to mention 100's if not 1000's of emails about it too..When you completely do your own show(all of it) and get out and meet people you really get a true sense of how and what they feel about what you are doing...and it has been really cool to meet so many folks that are excited about the show and willing to come from such great distances...with their bikes to be a part of this. We have always had an open door policy on the show...if you want to be involved.. you can ! and you did! I think it shows with the number of sponsors,vendors and builders we have. We are a couple of regular guys who like old bikes and wanted to put on the best show that we possibly can. We can't wait to see all of you next Saturday June 25 th ...Oh yeah there is a 46 Knucklehead that one of you will take home.