Wanted Small Ribbed {{ BATES }} P Pad

I need a small ribbed Bates P
Pad to help out a friend urgently...If you can help please email asap. mikedavis70@hotmail.com

Urban Treasures

Costas has some of his goods for sale. Email him directly for more info::   egkolfopoulos@yahoo.com egkolfopoulos@yahoo.com

Triumph Survivor Chopper For Sale

Josh has this old 70's Triumph Chopper for sale.Email him to own this untouched gem! jbarraza@gmail.com

Small City Cycles: Born Free 5 Video

 Todd's BF5 Builder Video. Filmed on location in Boise Idaho..Todd's Triumph is part of the BF5 Giveaway Promo so for 25 buck you could take this bike home!

59 Pan For Sale

Austin has a 1959 Panhead for sale. The bike is in Los Angeles. Ca title. Email him directly for the details@ aximalisaximal@aol.com

Buy This Triumph Cub For...

The Hell on Wheels rally this weekend. I need this Competition Cub gone asap. Rebuilt motor and Az title. Tune and go..Race it this Weekend at Meatball's Rally !! Come and get it...price to sell.Email me mikedavis70@hotmail.com

Josh Conley's BF5 Builder Video

  Josh Conley is the prince of Chino and also a friend and invited Builder for Born-Free 5..You can win the bike he is building a 46 Knucklehead at the show. Please enjoy his video...

57 45 Flathead 4 Sale

Mike has a 1957 45 Flathead for sale. Email him directly for all the details@ mike@old-stf.com   

Old Wheel Cover For Sale

Joe is selling an old lighted wheel cover. Email him directly for the details@ jhdebuf@sbcglobal.net 

Parts 4 Sale

Bob has a pile for sale. Email him directly if you can use any of these... bocagial@comcast.net

1980 Shovel For Sale

Shane is selling his fully rebuilt 80 Shovel. Email Him directly for the details.  sinks88@yahoo.com


This is a nice Pair's..

Knuckles on Display

Nash's Knuckle Mania Art Show is Saturday June 15 th 2013:: 1303 Avocado Ave. Newport Beach CA . 6 PM. to 10 PM...It's at Studio One Salon right behind Big Newport theater in Fashion Island. 

Vintage Tires For Sale

I have one 4.00 X 19 Pirelli MT 53 :: one NOS Avon Mud Plugger 3.00 X 21 and one  very rare Avon Trackracer 4.00 X 19.  Email for the details .. mikedavis70@hotmail.com

Jeff Leighton's BF5 Builder Video

Jeff is a really good friend of mine and builds some really nice bikes. Here is his video for BF5 with special guest Frank Kaisler.

Knuckle Heads / Barrels & Pistons 4 Sale

Joe has some nice complete large port heads, old stock cylinders and pistons( standard bore) Email Joe directly for the details .. Hbfsu69@aol.com

Flathead Motor 4 Sale

Jordan has a 45 Flathead motor & trans for sale. Email him for the details@ dropaxle@yahoo.com 


Buco Windshield for Sale

Rob has a nice Buco windshield for sale. Email him for the details and price. caleigh7zoe@icloud.com

The Swash Knuckler

 This was a killer bike that took forever to move...probably would be an ez sell now 

Triumph Chopper For Sale$$

Kevin has his Triumph Chopper for sale. The bike is in NY. Email him for the details@  madpotter_1@hotmail.com

Early 45 Springer For Sale

Justin is selling this old inline springer. Email him for the details@ jbuzz657@gmail.com