1939 UL Flathead Motor For Sale $$

I am selling a 1939 UL big twin Flathead motor. Complete from distributor to the correct Linkert m51 Carb & smooth cam cover. This was out of a running bike. A few fins were broke during the shipping of the motor but I have all the pieces to weld back on. I have a clear 1939 title for the engine. Email for the details @ mikedavis70@hotmail.com

Friday Night

Party Time

American Racing 15 ( Sold )

Vic is selling a Magnesium 15" American Racing wheel.Contact Vic directly to purchase@ victm@aol.com

Spool Hubs

Ronnie is making some sweet spool hubs for 5/8 or 3/4 bearings. He can custom make you one...He made the narrow spool going on my Pre Unit that I am doing now.Very Nice quality Email him directly for more info@ 49machineworks@gmail.com

Do yourself a Favor..

The Mega millions is going to climb over 500 million dollars by tomorrow night.The largest in history. Do yourself a favor and buy a ticket.If you win remember " Mike's your friend" Knuckleheads for everyone!!!

69 BF Beast

The 69 Born-Free 4 Shovel chopper is finally done and it looks so good. I am so pleased with the way it turned out.Kiyo is such a unbelievable talent and a very special person.Whoever wins this will be one lucky soul...maybe trade it to me? If you like this bike and would like a chance at winning it. Buy a poster w/ free ticket for 25 bucks and it could be yours....Don't forget about the stock 69 that will be done soon...U can win that too. Get your shot @ it here... http://www.lowbrowcustoms.com/index.php?l=product_list&m=71

Dunlop 21 with Sportster Drum & 2.75 ( SOLD )

Here is a Dunlop(( SOLD )) 21 wm1 laced to a early style Sportster drum with an old Avon 2.75 tire. The chrome is old but would perfect for an old tyme build.The spokes will clean up alot with some steel wool. The tire holds air but questionable use. There is a small ding on side of rim but does not affect anything. Backing plate is there but missing a few of the internal brake parts,pads,springs ect...no biggie.Vtwin ,ebay or Sporty Specialties should have what you need. Email me to own @ mikedavis70@hotmail.com

SF Posters

Lee is taking some cool photos and has them for sale. Check out his site for all the details...


Looking for Early 4 Speed Tranny

I am on the hunt for a early for speed tranny( Jocket top if possible)If you can help me..email me@ mikedavis@hotmail.com


RuN..I just shipped out a box of stuff for Tim and the guys to giveaway.This is # 3 and someday I will get there. If you are anywhere near the OutBanks...Go!

Summer's Coming

Born-Free, Sturgis..maybe some camping on the Central Coast.Summer of Fun.. Live it up!

Old Painted GME Chopper Tank ( SOLD )

Here is a vintage(( sold)) GME Chopper tank painted in 1975 by MOORE. Naked chicks,bats, trees,water..what more could you want.This is the real thing.Email me to purchase. mikedavis70@hotmail.com

04 Bonnieville

Luke is selling his 2004 Triumph Bonnievile. Contact him directly for details and better photos@ lukeinla@gmail.com

Fender Strut 4 Sale$$

Eric has a Smith Brothers fender strut for sale. Contact him directly for the details@ marvintheminnow@gmail.com

New Buzzard Pile T-Shirts

Just got in a small batch of my new Buzzard Pile Tees. These are printed on a softer, thinner & more of a vintage fit shirt. White or Black ...small - xx large.I will ship worldwide and do wholesale orders are large quantities.Email me for info@ mikedavis70@hotmail.com Get one in the store http://bornloser.bigcartel.com/

Garage Party / Shovel Chop

Great party & great people. Everyone was super respectful of Yoshi's generosity.Kiyo and staff were on top of everything and our sponsor of the party Loser Machine served up loads of food, hundreds of beer cans and Dj Mikey Rat played some danceable tracks for all to enjoy.The 69 chopper is done and looks amazing.Sonny Boy's paint completed a perfect bike.We gave the tank away to a gal named Sharie from Long Beach..Thanks to everyone who helped and and supported the event.

73 Sporty Chopper

Kevin has put his very nicely done 73 Sportster up for sale. Pearl white with all sorts of panels. Well anyway, I'm selling a newly finished '73 XLCH, I built with my friend Kyle at Lead Fist Cycles. All kinds of custom goodies on this one- stainless sissy bar, Superior (I think) trumpet tips, polished stainless sides on the oil tank and bottom of the narrowed sporty tank, custom bars, Italian leather seat covered by Jay at Pirate Upholstery, old narrow spool 21", old shaved & chromed trees, lots of old heavy chrome, etc. The bike is located just north of NYC. Contact Kevin directly@

Early Flanders #11 Bend Springer Bars ( sold )

Here is an early set of Flanders Co. #11 Knucklehead/Flathead springer handlebars.(( sold ))These are very straight and in very nice original condition. These bars are hard to find in any condition and thses are solid and ready to use.Old worn chrome thats perfect. I ship worldwide. Conatct me@ mikedavis70@hotmail.com