Roscoes to Roscoes Ride

Saturday April 10th. we will be meeting @ Roscoes in Fullerton around 11:00 am and riding the old Carbon Canyon trail to Roscoes in Chino for the Street Chopper Release party. Everyone is welcome to ride.The Street Chopper Party starts @ noon. If you can't make the ride come out anyway.We will have the Born Free Panhead there as well as a Born Free Tent with posters/tickets.

Original Springer Brake {{ SOLD}}

Vintage Harley Davidson springer brake((( SOLD )))..everything you see comes with it including the shoes.The only thing is missing is the brake stay.Email to own@

NOS Superior Echo Cans ((sold))

New old stock 1" 3/4 cans.(sold)These are the cool small tapered tips and will work on any bike using 1 & 3/4 pipes.Email me to buy them@

Parts clean out >>>

Vintage peanut tank w/ worn Triumph Tiger paint layout in clean rider condition & a old Triumph oil tank with metalflake paint & stars theme.Email me to buy @

Flanders Pullbacks ((sold))

Here is a Barn Fresh pair of original 1" Flanders pullback handlebars.{{SOLD}}They still have the old sticker, they are stamped & covered in nicely preserved chrome.To buy'em email me @

Rare Springer Riser Set

Here is a old late 40's HD accessory top clamp & glide riser set for Knucklehead or Panhead using an ((offset springer )).This the real thing and covered in old aged chrome. Email me to buy@

Riser // Bar Set Up's 4 S@le $ (( sold ))

Super narrow Z bar set{{ z bars sold}} & a cool narrow pair of the perfect rise & pulback bars(( sold)).They both have clamps that will work on any sportster,narrow springer or girder & later wide me to purchase @

Sunday Meet

We took the bike out to the swap to show the progress and sell some posters/w free tickets.The response was fantastic and we sold quite a few.The bike has about another week of fab,wiring and tuning before we send the tank to Harpoon to begin the paint work. The bike will be fully chromed,painted & finished a lot of people thought the bike in it's current state was the final product...& still were crazy over it.We want everyone to know that this will be a completely done bike!!Please remember > You must be present to win!!!

{{ Evel }} Pinball For Sale $$

One of the coolest pinball machines ever made:: Evel Knievel....and Joe is selling it.Contact him directly to purchase @

A Little Help...

I am looking for a Knucklehead frame..From bone stock to chopper. Email me with what you have@

70's Cali Chopper for Sale $$

I love this bike and missed by a couple hours the first time it sold.It's an old Triumph chop built here in So. Cal in the 70's w/some nice history & it's up for grabs again $$.I just bought a 47 or it would be in my garage.To buy this bike or git more info contact Chris directly@

Mark the Date April 10 th.

R O S C O E' S / S T R E E T ` C H O P P E R::have join forces to release the new issue & throw a biker Bbq.

Bag // Pipes // Sold //

Custom Panhead pipes I just removed from my bike & a old killer set of leather saddle bags.(( BOTH SOLD ))They are black leather that has worn to perfection & are in excellent solid shape.To buy these email me @

I have tried... stay away from these and I can't! I love Pre Units !!

Sunday March 28th.

Next Sunday at the Long Beach Swapmeet we will have a Born Free booth and will be selling the Panhead posters w/your free ticket to win the bike. We are hoping to have the bike onsite and should be ready to tear down the following day for chrome & paint.Please stop by & pick one up.

The Bash...

It's been almost a year since we did the Bitwell Bash and here's a few shots I swiped from Stills'.

Foot Stand $$

Vintage Big Foot kickstand for sale.If the 70's is what you want...look no further.Email me to buy it.

Tanks for Sale $$

2 Vintage Sportster tanks both in clean usable condition.The black AMF tank((sold)) has the rare red,white & blue layout & looks killer. The other tank has vintage black laquer w/red pinline & is ready to use.To buy one or both email me @