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I want that !

Eat Some

If you need it...It's about motorcycles not clothes or where you live.Get it together or get into something new...model trains are fun and rewarding!

Mastercrafts for Sale $$ (( Only 1 Left ))

Mastercraft tail light collection still up for sale.( only one left )Cash me out or interesting trades considered.This is all 4 original lights in nice condition.Email me with interest@ jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com

Akront Rims For S@le

Akront shouldered aluminium 18 & 21 40 hole rims.Contact spawnranch68@yahoo.com directly for more info and price.


Jason has got one bag for sale off his bike.Run one or find the other.This is a factory Harley bag.Contact him directly@ revomutha@yahoo.com for the price or any concerns.

Up Here


Bread ?

Need some pocket money ? If you have old parts or a bike you want to sell send it over and I will post it for you.Email is jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com

T Day T Sale

The white w/brown Wolf Wheelie T shirt & the Buzzard T's are on sale today through Sunday.There are only 12.00 each. The Wolf Wheelie sizes are sm to xxl...The Buzzard colors & sizes are limited so check the store to see what's available.

Knuckle U Finish Project

Up for sale is this Knucklehead chopper project.It's real close to being a runner and there is just enough left to do for you to make your own.I will have more pics & all the details soon.Email me with interest@ jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com

Shovelhead Chopp'n

Matt Davis his has sweet Shovel chopper for sale$$ Contact him directly @ mattdavis.dice@gmail.com for all the details.




W O W !! Here is a FXR about as nice as they come. Fresh paint and loaded with cool parts and a built engine.Located in So.Cal.If you are interested in this bike contact cantstayjose@gmail.com for pricing & more details.

Candy Ass

Parts & bikes are coming and going..if you have something to post send it over!!

Camp'N Out

If your coming to Born Free 3 and are thinking about camping out we have got a spot for you.Visit the Born Free blog and get the details ...don't wait or the campsites will be gone>> http://bornfreeshow.blogspot.com/

Irish Twins

The Garage company did a great job on the 53....full engine rebuild & it's running perfect.I am a big fan of Yoshi & Kyio and trust them completely with Born Free build....On June 25 th. 2011 one lucky soul will ride away with their own Knucklehead....I am not sure that's ever been done??Grant & myself believe anything is possible with this show and we want you to believe too....

Urban Legend

I took this photo today out at the future home of the Born Free campsite....Yetti's do exist .

Short Wheelbase

Grant has this Honda wheelie machine chopper for sale.It's about as 70's as they come.Eat some mushrooms and hop on.Contact him@ Grant.peterson@sorc.com

Pirelli Mt 53 4.00 x 19

Pirelli Mt53 tire for sale. This tire is nice and ready to mount..it's a 4.00 x 19 These tires ride great and were use on choppers and racers back in the day.Email me to buy@ jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com

Tail Light Collection

I need to sell off some stuff and this Master Craft taillight collection must go.This is all 4 Tail lights that were offered. The Swazi :: The 69 :: The Peace Sign & The Iron Cross. These are basically new old stock just shelf wear for being shuffled around for 35 years.Email to buy one or all. jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com

Friday Night Movie

The Pink Angles...here is a teaser.. http://www.badongo.com/vid/804564

Banana Tank

Ben is selling this Wassell Banana tank stripped from an old drag bike.Contact him directly@ Mariadrane@aol.com for the details.

// War Bird //

Joe is selling this Nos Warbid tail lamp.Contact him directly @ jhdebuf@sbcglobal.net

David Mann

We have a booth at this years Chopper Fest and we will have all your Born Free / Born Loser / Fma needs. We will be on main street near the bikes.

Happy Trails

It was sent to me and now I give it to you.

$$ Rusty Pelican $$

The Pelican is up for sale.69 TR6 C .The vicious beast will go anywhere and has.Freeway flyer.Found on the bottom of the Salton Sea & brought back to life.Contact me @ jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com for more info.