Born Free Show Info & Blog

As most you you know we have a Born Free blog set up and I post show info here on Born Loser and there on BF...I will post all Born Free show related material on the Born Free blog only from now on... so please add to to your favorites and check it daily to get your fix.Here it is ...we will be sharing with you soon some exciting new twists to the show.So far the response have been nothing less than amazing and we thank all of you for wanting to be involved.

Real Knuckle Choppers..For $ale

Warren from JR's.Cycle products has got these 2 survivor Knucklehead choppers for sale.WoW!! I think all the cool old stuff is hiding the middle of this country and he dug up a couple treasures.Contact him directly to get the skinny on these authentic machines.His email is

Perfect Sized

These natural features I find very attractive..

Boys from Brazil

Brazil is definitely crazy about old motorcycles.Guys like Fabio & the Rock n Cycles crew..Joe(Paulo) King & Ara,Edu & Daniel from the Sinistros are putting Brazil on the map as a hotspot for cool stuff.These guys are as into old bikes & parts just as we are and showed it by coming out to the Born Free show. Ara would have made it but decieded to have a baby instead..there's always next year!!

Falcon Motorcycles

Ian Barry graced us at Born Free 2 with his insane Triumph creations and we hope he will have something special for us at BF3. Ian & I go back a ways.. he sold me my first Triumph about 7 years ago ( bottom right) which after many makeovers I turned into the black wheel/black springer bike.It was the first of many that he put out in the early days.. every build was better than the previous( remember I bought the first.. ha ha)...he used to take the bikes up Mulholland and shoot the Ebay genius.He also was the one that started the California bobber look that still outsells everything on ebay??.Ian has taken Falcon motorcycles to another level and he still is as nice & humble of a person as the day I met him.Ian is doing some really incredible things with the bikes and I am a big fan. I can't wait to see whats next.He was just invited to Mooneyes Japan and it is well deserved and long overdue.

1970 Triumph for $ale

Wes @ Four Aces has this 19 seventy Triumph 650 for sale $$ get the details from him@

Friday Night Blogger Bikes

Some old & some new ....who cares enjoy yourself!

Fashion Outlaws

Jason sent over this new story..How can you go wrong with hot naked models & motorcycles.Here is his hip blog Hey Jason next time call me I am available !!

Sponsors & Vendors

We are working out the details on the different levels of sponsorship & should have it done soon.We are looking for a HEADLINE sponsor this year.As you all can image to put a show together like this it is not cheap.... we hope our vendor,sponsor,bike build and merchandise revenue will cover the costs & keep Born Free ((FREE))We believe this years show will be the greatest yet and we are doing everything possible to insure that. If you have interest in being the "Headline Sponsor",a sponsor or vendor please let us know.We want to have the internet Flyer done in October so the headliner needs to be secured by then....we have more time for everyone else.We will promote Born Free & our partners through magazines,internet,swapmeets & events,shirts,posters and everything else possible..and we we do it all year.The event is more than just a local show,people from all over the country & world will attend and we want you here!! Contact myself@ or Grant @

Garage Co. Knuckle 4 Born Free

Grant and I met with Yoshi & Kiyo from the Garage company and have commissioned them to build the Born Free bike.If you have ever been to their shop it is unreal..Graceland for old motorcycle stuff. We will live the ultimate dream.. picking out all the coolest parts from Yoshi's incredible collection...and it's for your Knucklehead.It will be a fully rebuilt,fully done.. real HD Knucklehead with real parts..Holy Shit!! You will be happy!!