Falcon Motorcycles

Ian Barry graced us at Born Free 2 with his insane Triumph creations and we hope he will have something special for us at BF3. Ian & I go back a ways.. he sold me my first Triumph about 7 years ago ( bottom right) which after many makeovers I turned into the black wheel/black springer bike.It was the first of many that he put out in the early days.. every build was better than the previous( remember I bought the first.. ha ha)...he used to take the bikes up Mulholland and shoot the Ebay pics...marketing genius.He also was the one that started the California bobber look that still outsells everything on ebay??.Ian has taken Falcon motorcycles to another level and he still is as nice & humble of a person as the day I met him.Ian is doing some really incredible things with the bikes and I am a big fan. I can't wait to see whats next.He was just invited to Mooneyes Japan and it is well deserved and long overdue.


max schaaf said...

cool post mike.
Ian gave me a hello with
a handshake followed up
by humble words at
bf2 wich was radical.

Fabio Diniz said...

Falcon Motorcycles!!! Big Fan!

Cass said...

Check out Ian and his shop in the new American Express commercial "reveille"..