Born Free Art /Flyer Contest

Here are the details. Send us your best Born Free 3 artwork...we will pick the top 3 entries, the top 3 will get the show details ( location,time,ect:) to put on your artwork,then we chose the winner.The artwork will be our 2011 flyer for all print ad's and the internet...your name will be on it!It starts today and all entries must be received by October 1st. The new flyer rolls out on 10/15 !! Get involved and get started. Send it to me @ or Grant@


DicE Magazine said...

Ah ha, yes indeed. Good work Mike. This is going to be very good bruv.

Irish Rich said...

June 28th is on a Tuesday.

You're having Born Free on a Tuesday?

Mike Davis said...

Thanks Rich it's Saturday June 25 th. not the 28 th