59 Ranchero Hauler

Frank is selling his 59 Ford Ranchero.Looking to sell or trade.Contact him directly@ fastattack44@aol.com

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Rebel without a Clue said...

1959 Ranchero Show/Driver $16990.00k obo/Trade Valued by Hagerty Insurance (Nadaguide) 20-40k, Insured at 25k. (nada.com)http://www.nadaguides.com/Classic-Cars/1959/Ford/Ranchero/Pickup/Values
Custom Paint, New Tinted/temperd glass, Y-Block engine (292), 4 bbl, 4 Speed Top Loader trans, 9" rear, more. Fairlane 500 Trim package (See door panels).
Seen here in a Long Beach Car/MC show, also in John Forces car show, Speed Channel and more So Cal events. Looking for a nice Chevy, FXR wide glide, willing to trade up or down. What do ya have?
I'm flexable, but be reasonable. This car is everything I said it is.