Bates Seats // Bear Seats

Finally is right!!Adam Nickel & Bear Parts Co. have made these high quality Bates reproduction pleated seats.The size of the seat is perfect { the small size }...the pan,pleats & overall look is as close to the real thing as it gets!! I got mine today and it's going on my bike tomorrow.Bear has done their homework and it shows!!Made in Australia with top quality materials & each seat is hand sewn. Great job Adam.To buy one or more info visit the Bear Blog@


Jet City Jughead said...

That's really cool. Good to see someone doing them right. I've tried twice to have two recovered to spec., and it just hasn't worked out. I know others who've encountered the same.

Hopefully this will kill the whole "I've just assembled my fresh build with new paint and chrome, and now I'm going to put a ragged ass'd old seat on it" thing.

Mike Davis said...

10 4 on that.I love beat up old Bates seats & on the right bike it does not get any better.... but on a fresh build or chromed out chop they can look a little out of place.This seat is pretty darn close to the real ones and they are working on getting it closer.

Adam Nickel said...

Thanks a bunch Mike!