Utility // Born Free // Born Loser

My pal JOSH is more than a snappy dresser with a sweet haircut. He runs the Internet side of Utility Board shop.He supported the first Born Free so much I made him a partner.He has built some really neat bikes,has helped me countess times & anyone else needing assistance.Josh is also heading up the Born Free Panhead build @ the Chino Fab Shop, so if it's not done ..blame him!!.Utility has done some real cool stuff w/ Max @ 4Q and more to come.Utility carries everything from sunglasses to skateboards,Vans to Adidas.He has set a special promo code w/ special discount for anybody seeing this and going to the Utility site to get some goods.The code is::: BRNLSRTEN and good until 5/2/10 and the website is http://www.utilityboardsupply.com/ So go to the site and get some sweet duds to wear to the show!!


scott pommier said...

josh is the best.

josh r said...

Josh is a good dude, and an outstanding bartender..