The Born Free show is more than a local So.Cal event that happens once a month.This show is bringing people from across the globe.We have confirmations from Japan,The UK,Australia,Switzerland,Canada,Spain & Germany.These people have comitted to come,bought their tickets,arranged lodging and are excited about the show.We need to make sure we deliver! So those of you bringing your vintage bikes to part of the main show please get here on time and get set up for the spectators.We will be giving away stuff all day,free food and drinks to enjoy,the awards and fianlly the Panhead giveaway.So we should be able to hold your interest during the event hours.We encourage everyone to come for the day and take in what should be one of the greatest collections of old bikes gathered in a long time.We also will have many new builds from some of the best...so stay tuned for a teaser.

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Moped said...

Jesus, that's some hair. Will she be riding the Pan?