Born Free Knucklehead

I just took the Knuck on a little ride and it's just too's so nice and rides so smooth I am sick.This is the nicest chopper( my opinion) I have ever seen.I am looking at it and can't believe somebody is going to win for just 25 bucks...twenty five fuc!!ng dollars!! I know I sound like a broken record but the posters w/ free tickets are going fast and (( if ))we have any the day of the event it will be first come first serve basis...but the line will be long and you might miss out just like so many did last year when they were turned away.Folks I strongly encourage you that if you want this bike get your chance not wait.Buy them online line@ or at the Garage Company and also at the Cycle Lodge. We will be at the Hippy Killer Hoedown on Saturday selling them there too.It's real and you can win it...& somebody will June 25 th @ Born Free.


Daniel Edward said...

If I win that bitch- I'm riding it back to Minneapolis.


Mike Davis said...

Daniel if you win it..we will make you ride home! Good luck and thanks for the support.

ALien POison said...

Thats badass mike. congrats born free crew!!