People Need Stuff::

I got some emails today for people looking for parts and here are a few..... #1 George: Hey there i have a parts list if you could help me with. im looking for a 1955 triumph front loop an a stock bolt on rear the aluminum oil bag the stock frontend an i need the rear hub also a 18' aluminum rear rim an a skinny 21' aluminum if u have any of this or all plz let me know thank you. His email is #2 Connor::The parts I need are as follows-Round chopper style oil tank (preferably 5" diameter)-Solo seat with bracket and springs, not a big deal if springs aren't with it-Complete head to match my TR6R motor If you can help me with any of the parts it would be greatly appreciated, just let me know prices and shipping. Thanks again.His email is #3 Troy:: I saw the post on your blog about if your trying to sell or looking for something, and i was wondering if you or any of your friends have any triumph 650s for sale 1970 or down preferably stock so i can start with a blank canvas my price range is around the 2000-4000 range. Let me know if anything pops up thanks.His email is

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