Nick's Chrome Panhead For Sale

Nick is selling his Panhead and here are the details::It was basically built from a stock '61 FL - matching cases, propertrans, original swingarm framewith a pan hardtail welded on, stock '61 rear brake, stock '61 dualpoint ignition, '61 primary, oil tank, stock controls chromed, etc. The chopperparts on it are all mid 70s aftermarket - bars, steel trees, spool,seat, Branch/Mikuni carb conversion. I replaced all the soft parts,brakes, some gaskets, and changed up the seat, otherwise it's as built35 years ago. Featured in Dice issue #26. It's a goodrunner and has been ridden from Phx out to Las Vegas, CA and, Mexico. Nobreakdowns to speak of. It sat in a garage from '82 to '08 with achipped gear in the ratchet top which locked it in 4th gear.Contact Nick directly for more info@

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