Some Good Old Parts For Sale

Dave  has got more goodies for sale:: Hey Mike can you please list some stuff for sale.  Pics attached and description below.
 Selling off some treasures so I can afford other treasures.  Springer is one I have never seen before.  It is very well made and clearly made from nicely machined parts.  It is crazy narrow, you would probably have to run a 2.5" tire or maybe a 2.75".  You can see the front legs have been machined to fit a tire.  It is twenty over.  I think it was made by either Gatto or Butts back in the day, but not sure.  There is a "GVG" stamped into the lower tree, which leads me to think it is a Gatto.
 The stuff on the table:
 Top left trees are vintage AEE 35mm triple trees.  Very nice chrome, 7/8" stem.
 Second set of trees are vintage narrow 41mm trees, with a 1" stem.  Decent Chrome.
 Bottom left is a dual carb intake setup for dual Amal carbs to run off of a 4-bolt linkert intake.  Intake looks homemade, but it is nicely done.  Carbs will need a rebuild but are in good shape.
  Finned magneto cover on the bottom is the rare burkhardt-style magneto cover for cone shovels (or evo's I guess).  This particular cover is made by JDS Industries.  This cover allows you to use a sportster magneto on a big twin lower end.  It comes with the ridiculously hard-to-find drive gear that is exclusive to these types of mag covers.
  Knuckleheads are all large port heads in various need of repair.
Please email me if interested, 

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