Denver's Roller

Larry has this Denver's Roller For sale. He writes: *Denvers Choppers Ironhead Sportster swing tail frame. Kinda like a plunger frame but has 2 stubby swingarms. Has a cross shaft tube for drum brakes. Pretty good up n out stretch.
*D&D Cycles narrow springer. Its over stock but i dunno how far... Fit the frame i bought it for so i never measured it. The dude i got it from spray painted black but it was never prepped so the paint flakes off easy. From what ive flaked off the chrome looks decent.
*Invader Rims. 19" & 16". Rear has a factory chrome drum. Chrome cable type backing plate. Tire is shot but will hold air for mock up. Front is flanged for dual disc. Tire is like new.
*Also comes w the mini Bates style, sweet 6" risers, narrowed 7/8" drag bars w throttle sleeve n Anderson style grips, brake cross shaft, n cross shaft-to-drum rod.
I gotta keep the janky oil tank. Barrels n cases I need for mock up. I just threw it together to see what this abortion would look like... Nothings mounted road-ready... Its barely push it ready. Im in south-west Georgia. Email theironlung1976@yahoocom