I have never had a desire to own a sport bike or something that was built to perform...just not my style. The Sportster is a cool bike and affordable but really never paid much attention to them until... Flash back to Born-Free 4, Brandon from Brawny Built & The Speed Merchant wheels this white racy looking bike into the builder space & it really grabbed my attention. I have thought about that bike a lot since that day and I guess timing is everything because now I own. To sum it's the most fun I have ever had on a motorcycle. It's really fast (I think 90HP), stops on a dime and handles like it was built for the track. I am a true believer now in what a Sportster can be and completely in love with this bike. Thank you Brandon for building this bike for Born-Free and handing it off to me. If you want a bike like this you should really talk to Brandon. and



WhitelinePsycho said...

Great to see a great tool go to a good home.

the Dutch said...

All hail the 4 cam! Looks like a ripper. It must b a blast to ride.