Born-Free Giveaway Promo is On...

We have officially kicked off the BF6 Giveaway Bikes Promo. We are doing two bikes this year. One from the participating invited builders( 12 builders committed to the giveaway so far ) and a 1947 Knucklehead chopper.
 The original art BF6 poster was designed by Harpoon and have been screen printed....they look really good. The free ticket that enters you in the promo & comes with purchase of poster is also very classy for those of you who collect these memories.
 With your purchase of the 25.00 poster/w free ticket that enters you in the giveaway promo ( chance to win 2 bikes at BF6) you will also get until supplies last a BF6 builder trading card set. These are also screened and look like old collector cards. We will release a new series every month until the show. 5 cards per series...5 different packs! Buy a poster get a pack of cards! Collect them all and trade with your friends. To get some before they are gone visit the Lowbrow customs Born-Free merch page on their website  When the cards are gone that's it! Visit the Born-Free website for all the show details and promo rules.  

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