A change in blog

I am sorry to inform you that anonymous comments will no longer be allowed without me approving them first.I tried the freedom of speech thing and I am just too tired to deal with idiots.Why would you want to waste your last precious days on earth posting stupid & negative comments on a blog!The only reasons I can think of is your depressed with your own life or jealous of others.Either way.. CHANGE...I did!


the Dutch said...

AMEN MIKE!!! Wouldn't ya think people are here cause they have the same interests as you? And they leave negative comments? Don't git it. I changed mine too. Larry from PA

Anonymous said...

i never understand the point in browsing blogs of interest until you disagree enough to speak your negative mind. they probably just feel guilty about looking at hot chicks on hot bikes, after so long, so it is their way of medicating themselves..stupid

jsyk, i like what you do.. ;)