1960 El Camino for s@le$$$

1960 el camino w/283 2 sp.powerglide.Runs great drive anywhere.California black plates & clear title.email me for more pics and details. jimmy.dickens@hotmail.com


Chris K said...

Boy, you don't keep stuff long. First the cool panel truck, now this.

I'm surprised your selling it. Monday, when I saw it on Chopper Dave's, I thought, what a cool bike/swap meet hauler.

Now how will I find you at the swap meet?

Mike Davis said...

Chris,I am always changing direction with cars and bikes.The el camino is a great truck but needs to go to a new home.I am thinking about buying a dune buggy or a helicopter.

Chris K said...

I hang on to the same old stuff too much. I always hear the voices of those guys that say, "I had one of those, wish I didn't sell it".

Then again, everything is replaceable. Changing direction is probably healthier and makes life more interesting.

Got'ta say, that's some combo of choices

josh r said...

mike, you will never get tired of a dune buggy.. or a helicopter for that matter. on a serious note, when the truck sells, i hope the new owner will take care of it and leave it the way it is. not too many nice examples around anymore.

Mike Davis said...

Hey Chris,so far no regrets but I am working on it.