The Bad

There is so much good associated with motorcycles...they bring people together, they allow you to create , they give you a sense of freedom , they are so much fun and the list goes on. The bad is they are dangerous...very dangerous. So many people are getting hurt & seems like it's a weekly occurrence. It's terrible to hear about someone you know going down or's really scary and a real eye opener...especially with a family. I truly feel for the families & friends of riders hurt or lost and always here to help if I can. It is really encouraging to see friends of these riders & the entire community reaching out and doing what they can to help and comfort the families.  
An accident is just accident. It can  happen to anyone on a bike with zero fault of their own...good rider with years of experience or a novice who thinks they are invincible.The insane amount of speeding cars & huge trucks on the overcrowded freeways & roads who are trying to run you over, the drivers who are on the phone or texting, the fact the motorcycles are very hard to see or a increase of people riding too fast has made getting on your bike like playing Russian roulette. Accepting the reality of riding a motorcycle can have severe consequences is something we all need to do. It's really now just up to the rider to make the best choices they possibly can. I'm not going to preach to anyone about what they should or should not do. I  have done everything at some point you should not do. But not anymore!
 It's your choice... but these fuckers can kill you, destroy families and cause years of pain... if you don't have on a real helmet , carry some type of insurance , learn to ride , ride a bike that is somewhat safe to handle your riding environment and have a motorcycle license...maybe it's time.   -  Please Be Safe out there.             


Capion mc said...

Not preaching just saying it how it is.

GarageWrench said...

Well said Mr Davis, well said.