Survivor Roller

Mark is selling this roller and here is what he says,
The Mantel
Built by Randy Rocky [R.I.P] in the 70's this wonderful piece of chopper glory sits Loaded with history. Paint and Gold Leaf is by world renowned Horst. The Frame is a built of Chromoly by Jim Davis [R.I.P.] and is very nice craftsmanship. The Leather Seat is custom built by Linda Catino [R.I.P.]. The Risers are the longest Flanders Dog Bones I have ever seen. It ran a Pan back in the day. The "Mantel" took 1st place in the Oakland Roadster Show 1980 Custom Division Panavision. It then sat for damn near 3 years in the Oakland Club house. Sonny had shop across the street and was wrenching it. The Mantel is a Swedish Style Chopper with Molded frame. Axle to axle measures 78 inches. It has a 16 / 21 with a rear Juice and a mini drum. Girder Front end. The small hole on the right side of neck and left side frame near axle are for headlight and taillight wires. Everything pictured and Bill of Sale / receipt. The Tranny and Motor were later ganked and now reside [rebuilt] by Tranny Tim in Hayward. This is what's left in all its Glory. It still inspires, still turns heads and remains an amazing vision to behold and a true piece of history and timeless art. Horst of course did Arlen's early bikes and Simms. The pedigree speaks for itself... email him directly@

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