Looking For This Guy>>>

Larry writes:Hey Mike. I had u list some shit on yer blogger n sold a TON!... thank u. I sold a coffin tank to a dude that got ahold of me and sent it to him in Canada. It ended up comin back to me for tariff duties er some shit. We were talkin about it after I got it back n right around that time my email address got hacked n I don't have his contact info. I wanna square up w the dude n get his tank to him. Can u put out an APB for a dude named todd fraiser or fraiser todd?... never did get his name right. It was a red amen coffin tank. He bought it from me, Larry Mead. My old email address was theironlung1976@yahoo.com My new email address is fornow13@yahoo.com Hopefully he'll see it on yer blogger n get ahold of me... just wanna make it right w him. Thanks Mike! Larry

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the Dutch said...

Got ahold of him. Thanks to Mike and to Craig at Front Street for the leg work on Facebook. Much appreciated guys!