Parts Lot

Larry writes:: Got some parts for sale. Hopin you could post em on yer blogger... 73 one year only Sportster lower legs and hub (few scuffs in the legs but nothin a good shavin couldnt clean up, hub is nice). DSC knight light (cracked lens). TCME tail light (bubble in lens from bulb heat). DSC coffin tail light (in puuuurfect shape). SOLDRe-chromed Sportster, Super-Glide foot pegs (never saw em with the nubs on em before but they make for a BITCH of a time gittin the rubbers on and theyll stay put too, must be a custom touch). 2 sets of Posa Fuel pegs. DCS oil cooler w filter (little road rash on bottom). Posa Fuel carb (slide is tight n works nice). Sparto tail light (I believe this to be an original, Made in England, needs lens). Mace sissy bar topper. 36 spoke spool (flakey chrome). SOLDNOS cocktail shakers (small, TINY rust berries starting to form, but never installed or had exhaust run thru em). Email

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