Jasin Phares' Pan is For Sale

Jasin has is BF4 build up for sale. The bike is as good as it gets... 1960 Harley motor 74" Andrews AB cam- Harley four speed tranny with jockey top and stock kicker cover. It is a jockey shift / foot clutch set up.- Mullins Chaindrive single down loop frame.- 33.4 mm 2" over stock front end in Mullins narrow trees.- 23" front wheel with mullins narrow star hub.-19" rear wheel with juice drum brake.-Pro clutch -100% hand made inner and outer primary. Indian single fire distributor,L series carb,custom leather seat...plenty custom more parts and sheet metal. Contact Jasin directly@ haroldsironworks@gmail.com for more details.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Ye gods, what a class thing, great shot from the front too.

Franksaw said...

front tire? avon? or what is it?