Rare Al Gunter Racing Stuff

Wesley writes:: Two original Al Gunter magnesium flat track hubs (front and rear), the rear is laced to a Borrani WM 2-19 with brake rotor, brake bracket, 45 tooth alum. sprocket, and a Good Year 3.50x19 Moto Racer tire (tire is no good). The front is just the hub with a brake rotor. One EDCO magnesium caliper with part #c-1625-b. One Hurst Airheart Caliper and a Magnesium front fork bracket. I was told this fork/brake bracket is more rare than the hubs. I was also told that there was only 12 original sets of these hubs made, that's what I was told no proof of this. You would probably know more of the history of these. I would love for this stuff to go to the right person that would appreciate them. If you are interested we would like to sell it all as a whole package. Contact Wesley @ williamsoriginals@yahoo.com

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