Heavyweight boxing is a absolute joke today..but it used to rule the sports world and Joe Frazier was the man .Guys like Joe,Ali,Foreman were kings...Nothing was bigger than a heavy weight champion.My dad never amounted to much but he did get his nose broke by Ken Norton in a sparring match and knew a lot about boxing.Homes,Spinks,Tyson & Holyfield kept heavy weight boxing on top for some years but now it's a bunch of clowns,embarrassing and it's unwatchable....what happened?


Black CAT said...

i just said the same thing on another blog ... youre right, there is no more "boxing". out thinking your opponent has gone the way of the dodo bird. boxing is like basketball now, everybody is all about showboating. theres no more 'sport' left in heavy weight boxing. just a bunch of doods trying to be the next knock out king. its sad. an era has passed, and i dont see it ever coming back.

Jet City Jughead said...

When I was little I would go to a bar that only teachers hung out at with my Dad to watch Tyson. This was in '86, I think.

To be in a bar at 8 years old was quite an experience unto itself, even though it was no big deal growing up in the country, but man, I remember people going wild for Tyson. Folks from my community who would never set foot in a bar would come out to watch Tyson lay it down on motherfuckers in what was often less than two rounds, and I loved it.

I miss all of it. Iron Mike was an animal and would say stuff like:

"I want to rip out his heart and feed it to him [Lennox Lewis]. I want to kill people. I want to rip their stomachs out and eat their children."

Hearing stuff like that as an eight year old kid - using the word that my eight year old uses now - was "epic".

Bring back real boxing.

mindpill said...

fuckin` quote my Pop, " nothing but fuckin` bums". antoher quote from Pops, " you still hanging out with that sharp dressed fella". yeah pops, yeah.....