18 " Vintage Avon Slick (( sold ))

Avon 18 x 400 Drag Slick.[[ SOLD ]] This is a very nice example of an early Avon motorcycle drag tire. I don't think it was ever used if so maybe a time or two. This tire is ready to use. Email me @ mikedavis70@hotmail.com


Guzzmen said...

ey Mike I`ve dend Ya an @ , for the slick on your hotmailaccount , did You receive it ?
How much askin for the tire and ship. to brussels(belgium)

CHeers Guzzmen

Guzzmen said...

Hey Mike How much for the slick and transp.to Brussels , Belgium.
Last week Ive already send You an @ ad your hotmailacc. , did`nt. You receive it

Cheers Guzzmen

Mike Davis said...

Sorry I did not get your email. The tire was sold. Thanks for the interest.